Do you settle in life?

Don't settle imageToo often I come across those who have simply settled with their life and feel complacent. That is a sorry story! To give up and settle in life keeps you from experiencing your best. I know that I want so much more and in truth we all should.

Do you count your blessings?

Could you ever begin to imagine a life where you could not hear things, could not see things and could not communicate? How very blessed you are to be in the place you are at this moment in time. Here you are seeing the text spill out across your screen, reading and understanding each and every word. Since you are able to see and read this piece, you are more fortunate than nearly seven million Americans, who are unable to do so.

Seeking success can be exhausting

Success can be elusive. We can often see it, taste it yet just when we think we are on the right track, it passes us by and we somehow fail to hold onto the momentum that is needed to push through the blocks. Without a question of a doubt, if you are seeking success in your life you must be willing to climb the mountain no matter how exhausted you might get. Just this past week while I was in NYC on business, I was faced with just that scenario.