How is your perception?

What we may believe to be initially true may not be what we think it is at all. It is very interesting how many varied perspectives individuals may have on the exact identical object. If you look at the image to the left, what do you see? Some of you may see a young woman, some of you may quickly identify the elderly lady.

Practicing Positivity

When people experience a typical and less than desirable circumstances in their lives, there is sometimes a tendency to become habitually pessimistic. Pessimism can and will lead to even more negative outcomes. But know this: All that is required to change your habit is practicing positive thinking. When you practice positivity, you affect your overall wellbeing and actually shift gears that will ultimately shift behavior.

Do you have any revolutionary ideas to share?

People talking to people are what changing norms and circumstances are all about. We share an idea, have a solution to a irritating problem or we simple explore a new endeavor and discover something new has transformed our lives and right away everyone is benefiting. A simple example is, it has taken decades for people -the general public and hospitals alike to finally get it that washing your hands and being sanitary helps prevents sickness and the spreading of disease.

Born Equally Naked

"Born equally naked". Yes, but humankind is truly unequal when it comes to the perceptions and often, misconceptions that each (of us) has in and about life. This goes back to the old adage about seeing a cup half full, half empty or seeing the darkness, or the stars.