Breaking Bad

Not to be confused with the television series This article is about those of you who are stuck in a poor pathway in life. You continue to conduct the same actions and behaviors over and over again. It is almost like you are stuck in repeat mode.

Picking up the Pieces

At what point in your life is it time to pick up the pieces and move forward? Too often, we become saddled by life's challenges and trials. Instead of looking ahead, we begin living in the past memories of those challenging events. We start asking all the what if's and whys; and we quickly get hung up on them.

Born Equally Naked

"Born equally naked". Yes, but humankind is truly unequal when it comes to the perceptions and often, misconceptions that each (of us) has in and about life. This goes back to the old adage about seeing a cup half full, half empty or seeing the darkness, or the stars.

Are you having fun yet?

I just came back from a day filled with laugh out loud moments, excitement and shear joy with a group of 50 other people. We all had lunch together and all we did is laugh and have fun. My daughter and I joined a club when we moved to Florida because we wanted to meet people and have fun.

Seeking success can be exhausting

Success can be elusive. We can often see it, taste it yet just when we think we are on the right track, it passes us by and we somehow fail to hold onto the momentum that is needed to push through the blocks. Without a question of a doubt, if you are seeking success in your life you must be willing to climb the mountain no matter how exhausted you might get. Just this past week while I was in NYC on business, I was faced with just that scenario.