Get over it

If life throws you a curve ball, get over it! It is easy to feel sorry for yourself and play the woe is me syndrome but I encourage you not to fall into that trap.

Honor--what is that?

As I was walking the beach I bent down to pick up a beautiful seashell called the spiny jewel box. It has little spikes on it and this one interested me because it was slightly larger than most that I have seen so I decided to make it mine.

What do you really want?

It takes self-discipline to accomplish your dreams. If you want to lose weight, you must discipline your mind and mouth. If you want to change your career or job, it takes time and effort on your part to prepare for the new possibilities to become your reality with focus and determination.

Joy vs. sadness- how do we overcome

Loneliness, depression, feeling sad -these emotions can be dissolved and removed from your energy field and thinking process when you willingly seek out experiences that will bring you joy or something pleasant to fill your mind and thinking process. It is actually normal to gravitate to negativity because our Ego mind likes to keep us in a state of dependency and control.