Hope: It does a soul good

As some of you may be (and should be) following the current issues of the times, Many high profile people have made it their mission to present a positive and powerful message of hope. Remarkably, it is this heartfelt communication of optimism that has moved the masses to do amazing and extraordinary things.

Do you judge others?

Have you ever walked down a busy city street and saw someone or something that made you feel uncomfortable? Maybe it was what appeared to be a homeless person sitting on the edge of a sidewalk playing a guitar for spare change, or perhaps an elderly woman pushing a cart of cans?

What do you really want?

It takes self-discipline to accomplish your dreams. If you want to lose weight, you must discipline your mind and mouth. If you want to change your career or job, it takes time and effort on your part to prepare for the new possibilities to become your reality with focus and determination.