Are you really communicating?

Sometimes the communication process can be easily skewed by how well we "listen". The truth is that we get so passionate about something that we miss out on an opportunity to listen to what is happening around us. We talk a lot to convey our message, but because we are stuck in "communication" mode, we miss the potential to hear what may be available to us.

Wag more--bark less

circle of animalsThose were words that I read on the back of a bumper sticker while waiting for a red light to change. With nothing else to do but wait patiently, I started to reflect on those words and thought that they would make an interesting article.

Can people be fooled?

The answer is of course they can especially when people are out of touch with reality. We too often only hear what we want to hear. We ignore the messages that we are not interested in and we definitely ignore the messages that might possibly offer solutions. Why, you might ask?

Make Family one of your Priorities

There is a time to work, be conscientious and disciplined in life because that is the structure that is needed to be successful in your business career; however, knowing that that is a reality of life we also must place some focus on being connected with our family. Family comprises of various scenarios --They can mean having a partner, children, pets or siblings to interact with.