change your life

What you need is deep roots

You must have deep roots that will keep you grounded in inner peace and balance if you want to live your life in contentment and harmony.    Surface roots can easily cause a tree to topple in times of storms because surface roots are shallow roots. The same holds true for us humans.  We all need to go down deep and stay grounded and know that we are secure within our soul because we are deeply grounded to our core.  In other words, don’t let circumstances take you out and destroy your peace of mind and your joy.  Deep roots will get you through everything!

Bureaucratic red tape is creating innovation

Who would have thought that something good could come out of the bureaucratic stalemate in different segments of the world? I absolutely loathe the paper pushers who earn good money, take up valuable space and get nothing or at least very little done. I have seen it at the grocery store, at numerous governmental agencies and even in the medical profession and for me it is most frustrating, upsetting and even tests my patience.