change your attitude

What is your real story?

Every one of us has a story? Are you addicted to struggle and believing that life is hard or is your story that life is meaningful and things come naturally to you? 

It is time for all of us to wake up, empower ourselves and start living consciously as we become aware of our truth. What I mean by this is becoming more present--don't walk around in a fog.

Are you seeking to heal your life?

I cannot believe that we are moving into the last few weeks of this year. I hope it has served you well. I can say that for me, it has definitely been a year of some lows and highs. Have you ever thought life was going to go one way and then it turned out completely different? That is how my year started; the road I thought I was walking down, shut down and I had a long winding detour that forced me to become creative and industrious.

Conscious awareness in all areas of your life is worthwhile.

We've all been at points in our lives where we've had an incredible brainstorm...and just like the storms on the horizon -- they blow into our lives and right back into the abyss. We seem to misread or ignore the signs of opportunity and let them pass away with the wind.  Opportunities appear in our lives all the time, but it is our responsibility to stay in tune with our intuitive abilities