believe in yourself

Are you a friend to you?

​ Seriously---How do you treat yourself on a daily basis and how do you take care of you because that usually tells the world what you think about yourself.  I truly like myself and who I am.  The other   day I received a compliment from a man and he said: “I can see that you are a beautiful person.”  I answered with: “Thank you—yes, I am.”  After I said those words, I caught myself thinking—WOW—I praised myself in front of all those people.  But I had to agree with him because I know with all my faults and shortcomings, I have a lot to offer the world and yes, on the inside of me,

How doubt and fear destroy

I have learned in my life that there are numerous layers to our doubts and fears.  When I have successfully tackled some of my doubts and fears, I have grown in leaps and bounds but then, new layers appear that seem to choke my progress.  I do not believe that we will be 100% free of doubt or fear and maybe that is a good thing because we also need to keep in check our defense mechanism and use our common sense to stay safe and avoid dangerous situations as we tr

Are you feeling uncomfortable in your life right now?

Are you feeling as though all the doors and all the opportunities that you are seeking are being closed to you? I can empathize with you because I have had the same feelings in my life. I can say that during those times, I, too, was disappointed, I prayed for God's help and support but during those times I discovered that I was forced to stretch, moved out of my comfort zone and challenged to turn my life around so that I could reach the destiny that I was supposed to live. My new purpose and reason for living was being pulled out of me.