What message are you sending to your body?

I recently had lunch with a new friend and although it was fun and entertaining, it was also a moment of truth and self-realization for her. She shared how she just recently has learned to become one with her body and accept it for its size and shape. Over the years she has been in total conflict with her physical appearance. She is a full-bodied woman who has throughout her life verbalized her frustration anddisdainfor the way she has held onto fat. Because she is big, she wears full and baggy clothes to hide her shape.

Make Family one of your Priorities

There is a time to work, be conscientious and disciplined in life because that is the structure that is needed to be successful in your business career; however, knowing that that is a reality of life we also must place some focus on being connected with our family. Family comprises of various scenarios --They can mean having a partner, children, pets or siblings to interact with.