be in gratitude

The greatest battle we fight is located between our ears.

Think about those words for a moment!  Maybe it’s time to stop doubting and struggling and start making positive changes for your life so you can empower yourself to reach your highest potential? Stop setting up roadblocks or procrastinating in ways that continually cause you to live in anger, frustration and stress instead stay in faith and believe that you can live out of a place of peace, a place of trust!

Be in Gratitude

Too often I have found that some people only see the dark and challenging times in life.  They fail to be flexible or even open to new possibilities or change.  We cannot grow without growing pains and we cannot change or improve our quality oflives when we keep our eyes only focused on resentment, anger and hate.  There is a force out in the world today that would like to destroy and force people to become nothing more than puppets.  They want to control the masses, dictate live the way they perceive it and rule as if their way was the only way.  We, as free-thinking

Are you tapping into your Joy?

We were not created to endure life we were actually created to enjoy life.Your joy should not be dependent upon all that is happening around you but rather how you feel on the inside.

We each possess a running stream of joy within us that is continually flowing through our minds, body and spirit but if you refuse to tap into your joy, you miss the gift.