Success is relative

I have spoken about success often in this blog but I do not believe I have asked any of you to simply define what success means to you. Success is elusive, it is mysterious and yes, it is often out of the reach of most people. Yet I believe that small little word has a deep and far-reaching arm that can and does change lives for those who understand the value of its meaning.

So let us first begin to identify this little word ���Success'. As we examine the various definitions, I think you will begin to understand my point. Some dictionaries state that success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose and others say it is the attainment of popularity or financial gain. Both of those definitions are correct but they only touch the tip of the iceberg.

When I speak to people about their aims or visions or desires in their lives, I listen to their far-reaching words and meanings like the two definitions noted above as if they are looking for their lottery winnings or golden egg. I believe that the real meaning is much simpler to

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comprehend when you take the striving or pursuit out of it and instead replace it with feeling good about the way you behave or respond to your life moment by moment.

You see, I believe success is relative and it is a term that has been used by society and most people to identify our material richness in notoriety, fame or fortune but for me success is when each day, I am doing the best that I can do. Then I had a successful day! Then I am feeling successful! And then my life is reflecting a successful experience.

Too often people are looking outside of themselves to identify their success instead of looking within their heart and soul and discovering its root right there. We are seekers of wealth, fame, successful marriages, position in society and in our relationships of all kinds; but I wonder if those aspirations represent the true meaning of the word or simply express its outward shell.

I would like you to consider these simple but useful words that carry a strong punch: "What are you doing today to be the best that you can be?" If you can state one thing in an honest and forthright manner, then you are a successful person today. If you can continue with that thinking and build upon it, your success will grow in degrees and soon your material assets will expand and grow to the depth and breath of your internal success (because as I said in the beginning, success is relative).

Joan Marie Ambrose
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Monday, August 13, 2012