Striking out in life--How can you turn that around?

BaseballIf you've honestly tried to reach your goals in life and have failed, then you need to take a long look at the game plan you've been using. Sometimes you have to adjust your footing so you can gain better traction in where you are right now and where you want to lead your life.

Nobody wants to strike out when it's his or her turn to bat. That's why you must challenge yourself to strive to do better, achieve more, and transform your lifestyle. When you review your game plan, you should use your essential tools for living to get a firm grip on your metaphorical batting range. In addition, you have to take an extensive look at how far you are willing to run in order to achieve your heart's desires.

There are a few key areas in your life on which you have to focus in order to prepare yourself to hit your homerun to success. Following is a powerful guideline to recreate your lifestyle and fulfill your life's dreams:

Re-define Your Strengths

strength imageMany times, we beat ourselves up and fall into depression to the point that we forget the inner strength we possess, and what vital life tools we have at our disposal. You have to retreat within and redefine your frame of mind so you can really get to the root basis of what's causing you to strike out when you feel that you are about to score.

You know that you can achieve your goals and you are anxious to savor the victory that awaits you. The drawback is that every time you're up to bat, the umpire ousts you because you haven't been quite able to hit the pitch out of the ballpark. But let's level the playing field - you already possess the physical stamina to meet life demands; so you know that you are essentially equipped to get where you need to be going. What you must do now is realign your mind, body, and spirit so these vital senses can work together to create an extraordinary lifestyle for you.

Some of the inner strengths that individuals have include inner wisdom (or intuition), a blueprint for living, and the mental ability to transform life. The external forces that safeguard our lives are the Universal flow of energy and our God source. Talking in baseball terms in relation to life, the umpire calls the shots with regard to which plays are actually scored. Whether it's a foul ball, an out, or a homerun, the umpire is the source that lets you know where you stand in the game of life. Let's suppose that the umpire is the Universal flow of energy. When you're at a point in your life where you've been jolted by your own blunders, it's because the metaphorical umpire is calling you on them.

As mentioned earlier, when you balance your mind, body, and spirit, and begin working with the Universal flow of energy, you are steps closer to realizing your life dreams.

Go ahead and reward yourself by taking the initiative to get a unique perspective on how to reach your goals. Sometimes, we have to take a step back and view life through a fresh pair of eyes and at a new angle. Next, review your blueprint for living. Within the soul being of each one of us, exists an in-depth map to fulfilling life purpose. When you look beyond your physical capabilities, trends, and hurdles; you need to ask your higher self what steps are necessary to achieve success. A growing number of people use meditation, which is a powerful mind tool toward channeling inner wisdom for greater purpose. Your God source is also a fundamental supply that can lend support to you in your efforts. That's why a lot of individuals frequently turn to prayer for guidance, direction, and insight. By facilitating these intuitive mental tools, you are well on your way toward hitting a homerun and receiving life's blessings.

Joan Marie Ambrose -- Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Friday, June 13, 2014