Stop complaining and continue to perform

man seeking hopeWe all have set backs and discouragement in life but those discouragements were not given to us to cause us to give up and give in to self-pity and our difficulties. We sometimes give up on our dreams because we say: "I guess this wasn't meant to be." That is false! Set backs and disappointments are only signs that we are actually making progress and our negative forces are waiting for us to give up and get depressed. That is only our negative energy, our ego mind that likes to keep up in the old state. Why because you are easier to control and manage.

You are full of talent creativity and wisdom and you can do this, that is, get over your frustration and stay focused and on target. Say to yourself��I am full of energy, strong and able to accomplish all that I need. Say it frequently and allow those words to take hold and relax your anger so you can get back on track.

The enemy is your ego mind. It is always trying to stop you from changing your patterns and moving forward. The Ego doesn't like change and progress. The ego wants you to get discouraged and stay weak. Instead you need to say: "I will tap into the power of God." I will continue on my journey I #believe in new possibilities.

Keep reminding yourself that with God, nothing is impossible. "God began a good work in you and He will continue to perform it until you have come into your glory." Phillippians

Your vision, your outlook and your mental attitude can either help you or destroy you. That is why you need to continue to fight your battles in the name of God. If you #believe that you will NEVER be deserted by God, you won't. If you #believe that God will give you the grace to receive your desires, you WILL. When you have that mindset and belief, NOTHING can stop you, you will get through your difficult times. You see, if you trust and believe in the power of God, God hears your words, your thoughts and your heart and He will stand with you till the end. Sometimes when you think things are getting more difficult, that is when you are closer to your outcome. You have invested too much in your life, you are close to your destiny so say: "I am in it to win it."

Your strength will equal your needs so do not think that you do not have the ability to deal with your situation. You actually have within you all that you need to succeed. I realize thoughts of anxiety, frustration and fear arise and get in the way all the time, but that is only the negative voices within that are trying to get you to give up and stop pushing forward.

I have found that when I am faced with crushing situations and huge challenges, I continually see placed in front of me encouraging words. Sometimes they are spoken from a friend, a competitor and even from articles or posters that were placed in front of. God may allow the challenges be placed in front of you but your destiny is greater than any challenge. As long as you stay in faith and in God's grace, you will see your destiny. It will most definitely be your shinning glory but you are the one who has to stay in focus, stay strong and stay true to the word of God.

Believe_in_YourselfSo I encourage you to stay strong, and finish with a spring in your step, a smile on your face and conviction in your heart. Proverbs states: "The Victory is mine and the battle is the Lords."

Enjoy your day, your process don't be a defeatist, be victorious.

It is up to you to stay in the race. If you are going to finish your race, you must keep your fire burning, your passion strong and your mindset on the goal.

Be determined- God wants you to be strong and finish your assignment.


Joan Marie Ambrose -- Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Wednesday, October 22, 2014