Stay committed to your goals.

Times do get tough; sometimes we want to give up because things don’t seem fair.  We get discouraged and think maybe what I want isn’t meant to be for me, yet I want you to know just because your life gets tough, don’t give up, give in or get so discouraged that you settle for mediocrity.

You do have a reason and purpose for living so stop questioning yourself. You need to stay strong, courageous and stop doubting your capabilities and talents.  In order to manifest for your life you need to stay strong and pray for courage.  Transformation for your life doesn’t happen over night. Transformation requires you to believe and feel your change, develop a knowingness that as you continue to stay in faith, your life will improve.  There is no power greater than the power of the Almighty Father!  There is power in your words and your thoughts so remember to use your words for your highest and best good.  Your confidence level increases when you believe and place your complete trust in your Creator.

Stay committed to your dreams and your goals.  Know that your answers are coming.  You have an important seed planted within you that needs to be nurtured, watered and developed so you can blossom and bloom.  Keep your focus, stand in faith and trust that your Heavenly Father has a plan and a timetable that will be fulfilled. 

If there is a delay in your plan and keeping you from your abundance, understand that there are forces that are against you and even working against you but with God on your side, no force of darkness can overpower you! Your Power Angels are working on your behalf! Stay in faith because it is just a matter of time when your better day will be shown to you. To transform your life so you can manifest for your life your heart’s desires takes time, planning and due diligence. 

Through practice and a strong trust and belief, you need to stand in your faith and let the promise made to you take root.  If you stay in faith and continue to believe, you will transform your life and you will manifest for you life in the right time and delivered in the right place.  Never doubt that the battle is the Lords and the victory is mine!  The forces that are for you are greater than the forces that are against you!   Your Power Angels are fighting for you and clearing the way for you.  Believe and trust that it is so!

It is important and necessary that you stay in faith, continually believe and make it a point to express words and thoughts of gratitude on your lips.  When you stand in your delight and feel your healing, your abundance, your dreams being realized, you are showing your Heavenly Father that you believe and trust in Him and his promise to deliver to you.  What would benefit you more than anything is that you need to remain good-natured with a good heart and with gratitude that what you are seeking is being sent to you.  Do your part, continue to make plans and use your imagination to create positive ways that will lead you in the right direction.  Believe me when I say there are times when it gets difficult and you feel weak but I want to encourage you to pray for courage and strength and the wisdom to keep you walking in the right direction.  Continually praise your Heavenly Father for all that is coming to you and know that you are being prepared to receive your greatest joy. 


If you are serious for what you are praying for, you will transform your life as you watch all that you have been seeking is now manifesting in your lifeDon’t stop believing; don’t stop praying instead stand firm.   Don’t give into doubt!  Declare and prophesize your future!  It will help you receive all that you desire.  Positive self-talk is most helpful. Calling in the energy of your Power Angels is valuable.  I know for me, when I feel down or challenged I immediately move into words and thoughts that are uplifting and that will enrich me. Before I know it, my energy shifts and my heart lightens.  Use your words to empower you and never give up!  Visualize what you want to experience and believe it is coming!


Joan Marie Ambrose -- Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Wednesday, August 23, 2017