Something to think about?

I recently read an article that peaked my interest.  It brought to light the drunkenness of the youth in England and their deliberate desire to become not only binge drinkers but completely unconscious all in the name of fun.  As I read further into the article, I realized that the only cure that that Country was attempting to put in place was through higher taxation. It was assumed that by forcing people to pay more, they would mend their ways and change and possibly buy less alcohol.  It certainly doesn’t surprise me, and it probably doesn’t surprise you either to see that our governments think that all issues in life can be resolved through money or taxation.  Inner peace and contentment cannot be found through forceful measures and we certainly do not need the force of government to dictate how we are to behave or to stay healthy.  That is an inside job!  It is through becoming your own life coach that is will become your reality!  If you cannot help yourself that hire another life coach to support you, encourage you and/or guide you.


When are we going to get back to the basics of live and face our issues head on?  If the youth have a desire to get drunk, higher taxation will not solve the problem, only looking for the root issue will do that.  Maybe it is time for all of us to acknowledge that people are hurting and are screaming out for attention.  I am certainly not condoning their behavior or actions and I certainly do not think they are deliberately seeking to self-destruct, yet one observation is very clear to me—people of all ages are searching for various ways to numb their pain and resolve their unhappiness.  Inner Peace is a state of mind, a state of being content with yourself in the present moment.


This is not about living to have fun or excitement in one’s life but rather about finding a more rewarding channel to experience genuine joy and happiness within your soul.  It is at epidemic level in England and it is probably at various levels in many different Countries of the world.  That is why I believe it is time for us to take a new look at why we are here in the first place and how can we attain a fulfilling and peaceful lifestyle and still have enjoy yourself with enthusiasm and excitement.  


I am continually coaching myself on a daily basis because I choose to live drug free with zero medication and less stress and anxiety.  I have come to realize that being my own life coach is the best way to me to reach my desired outcome. 


I realize that the entertainment industry does not want to take any credit for all of the world’s problems but their lack of responsibility and their greed for the bottom line definitely plays a role in this movie scenario.  Negative behavior has been portrayed with rewards, acceptance and humor.  Our role models are no longer trustworthy and their reason for acting and sharing their thoughts is highly compromised because it is all about sensationalism.  Ratings go up and public attention increases when the story gets hot, violent and steamy.  


Until we take a hard look within our individual heart’s and soul’s and begin to understand that all inner peace, contentment and happiness starts on the inside of us, we will continue to self-destruct and experience sadness and dis-ease in our lives.  I have dedicated a great part of my life working in this direction and sharing my messages.  Some people have gained and grown because of it while other only scorn and ridicule.  


A new age is dawning where people are becoming more in tune with their inner knowingness, which is also called their inner voice.  It is the difference of living in the time of Sodom and Gomorrah where people self-destructed or creating a new era where wisdom and understanding will bring us to a greater understanding of the power that each individual possesses—that is the power to experience inner peace, harmony and joy.  That power can only be attained if and when we are willing to change our old way of thinking and seek a new reason for living. We can no longer be indifference to the process of life and how we participate in its grand scheme.  By becoming your own best life coach or even in hiring someone to be your best life coach, I believe the time is now to take the matter into your own hands. 


How do we do that, you might ask?  Here are a few suggestions.


1. Don’t look at life as a joke but rather seriously look within to find your purpose for being here—in other words, put real deep meaning into your life


2.  Maybe you need to change your perception of viewing life and take a broader look at how you want your life to turn out; that process will give you a step in the right direction towards awareness

Blog Date: 
Tuesday, October 16, 2018