Slow down and tap into your Divine self to achieve success

Often times, we fall into the drama of life. Rather than valuing what is right in front of us, we seek what others have and in doing so, we put blocks in the way of achieving the destiny that has already been mapped out for us.

You see, we really can become our worst enemy when we entrap our minds and get caught up in our negative emotions of worry, fear and often doubt. At times we attempt to over correct ourselves in order to attain success. For example, picture cruising down a two-lane road. As you're driving along, the sun is shining, the skies are blue and then out of no where, comes a stray animal or another vehicle you panic and swerve to miss the object, but in doing so, you over correct to maintain control of your vehicle. Many times, it is this over correction that leads to dire consequences.

Slow and easy is often the answer it is better to slow down and truly capture the moment that surrounds you. I have discovering that it is also beneficial when I give myself enough time to manage any roadblocks that come my way, I often encounter a more productive outcome. Quite possibly, we need to simply stop and take a deep breath in as we observe the situation.

Life can throw us a curve ball now and then but it is how we respond to the event that determines the outcome. Instead of reacting, it might better serve you to slow down and become fully alert to your surroundings and how they might impact you. This doesn't mean you should second-guess your ambitions but rather possibly come to an understanding of what the Universe is attempting to show you. When you take the time to act in a prudent and conscious manner, you are allowing your intuitive powers to work with you to product the desired outcome. We are all too quick to let our physical being rule our Divine self and our destiny instead of consciously tapping into our instinctive talents. That is when we run head into roadblocks.

I encourage you to slow down.


Breathe and call in your Divine self

Think back to a time when you were trying to accomplish a job, find the right love connection or maybe just try to solve a problem. Now, when you reflect on this or some other similar situation, how did you do it? Did you turn it into a ���chore' or did it ���just happen'? This is where the lines get fuzzy. Here we go over-correcting again, trying to make something happen. Instead of finding the joy in the task, we try too hard and we often end up creating an environment of negativity in the act of doing so.

Too often when we are over-correcting in our lives, we find faults and non-value in the things that we do. We become hypercritical, instead of happily proactive. If you can slow down long enough to call in the Divinity within you, you just might be able to see the bigger picture and realize that your goals and dreams are being played out right in front of you.

For some of you, you may feel uncomfortable allowing your Divine self to show you the way but if and when you learn to discern between the inner guidance and the outer external circumstances that are playing out in front of you, you will discover that you can achieve success when you tap into your Divine self.

Joan Marie Ambrose

Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Friday, June 8, 2012