Sharing your life with the Power Angels

Life is interesting and sometimes perplexing; I am sure you can agree with this! There are so many twists and turns that we all maneuver and just when you think you are heading down a certain path and have it all figured out, something else pops up and the road takes another twist or simply dead ends!

Let me share with you; I have had many twists and turns in my life since the start of the New Year. Many lessons and challenges have been experienced by me and there have been times when I truly wanted to throw in the towel but with each day something deep within kept encouraging me to keep walking forward.

I keep reminding myself that it is often darkest before the dawn! Today I can honestly declare: "I am very grateful to see the dawn is here and I am feeling the energy and momentum of some amazing changes and blessings for my life". I often share feelings and experiences with my Divine Team, my power angels, the Creator, and many others.  I speak about my concerns and my misgivings, the fears and worries that I feel and have experienced and the pain that I have caused myself because of all those negative emotions.  I have even often said to myself WHY is this happening to me?  Does this sound familiar?

In all my conversations with my Divine Team and the power angels, I kept getting the message over and over again to keep my eyes forward, stay focused and to honestly hold tight to my vision. I knew that if I could climb my mountain, I would experience my greater blessings, all the opportunities I have hoped for and that the doors closing to me were a gift. I can tell you at times, it did not feel good, but my stamina and willingness to listen and heed the messages have paid off. I can honestly say, it feels amazing to have truly made it through to the other side.

I hope if you have encountered some challenges in your life lately that you too will be able to stand firm and refuse to give up, in other words, just keep your eyes forward and hold tight to your vision.  I want you to know that you are not alone.  You, too, have a divine team walking with you and trying to get your attention.  The power angels are available for all of us to call on them for guidance, encouragement, clarity of vision and protection.  It is, however, our responsibility to call them into our energy field and ask for their support and help. 

I feel very blessed and grateful to be so connected to the many Angels and Spirit guides on the other side and of course, my Divine Team; they are the ones who keep encouraging me, who support me, and all my efforts. If you are wondering how to have that kind of connection and interaction with your Divine and Angelic team, I encourage you to pay attention to this message because you, too, have the same ability as I do.    I have freely and willingly chosen to befriend the Power Angels and my guides.  I connect with them daily and I meditate on ways to get the answers needed for my success.

I have often shared with you and in fact on my facebook page-, I offer thoughts and inspirations daily that give encouragement and insight.    I have a website sharing my angel cards, and pillows and other items at:  I love what I share.  You have to decide if it is important enough for you to live a healthy and happy lifestyle too!

I would also like to say that I have six (6) FREE short meditations featuring some of the Power Angels that I connect with daily (  Make time to explore them and let them help you to heal,  to change and to enrich your life.  You won't be disappointed!

Blog Date: 
Tuesday, October 29, 2019