Seeking success can be exhausting

Success can be elusive. We can often see it, taste it yet just when we think we are on the right track, it passes us by and we somehow fail to hold onto the momentum that is needed to push through the blocks. Without a question of a doubt, if you are seeking success in your life you must be willing to climb the mountain no matter how exhausted you might get. Just this past week while I was in NYC on business, I was faced with just that scenario. We planned this trip to the city to meet with business professionals to help us move forward in the development of a new clothing line. When we landed and got off the plane, we were faced with a text message from the company who we were engaging to be our product development and production team that said they changed the agreement and wanted more and greater conditions added to the contract, which included more money. A red flag went up in my head and my attention was immediately focused on doubt is this going to fall apart and is all the money we just spent to get here all in vain? The people who we thought were business professionals with integrity were instead, manipulative people who tried to turn the table and alter the outcome. The ethical line that we thought was established turned out to be broken. Hand in hand, my daughter and I continued to keep walking as we focused on another door that must be waiting to be opened and opened it we did. Within a matter of three days, we were able to build another team of professionals who are eager to look at our project and become a part of this journey.

We spent one day shooting pictures of our initial products, meeting with five different business people in various fields and racing down the hot streets of NYC trying to get everything started. As I was walking at lightening speed trying to meet all the new contacts, I kept saying to myself: "Don't stop keep your focus and keeping walking Don't think about being tired stay focused." We understood that we have a goal and we have a vision and we do not want to interrupt the flow of positive energy. Our experiences seemed challenging to us at first but then we realized that we were actually moving in the flow of life and we ran with it. Exhaustion was not a word that we needed to discuss or think about instead we choose to be excited and exhilarated because we were in the flow.

What at first glance appeared to be a disaster turned out to be an experience where every action, every movement and every thought flowed like a symphony being played out in harmony by the universal orchestra of Creator. We discovered that our lives were being interwoven with brilliant threads of people, places and things that would craft and mold our endeavors so that we can and will bring forth a brilliant life experience that will not only transform our lives but the lives of the millions of other woman who embrace our vision and mission statement.

We were thrown into a chaotic situation but because we did not overreact but rather acted with a positive intention which further enabled us to pay attention to the end result, we were able to maintain a balance and flow that altered our outcome and brought us to a higher level of harmony and fulfillment.

We knew then and we know now that our task is doable. We are intertwining our skills with our persistence, determination and strong will power. Our next goal is finding the perfect investor who also believes in our vision but it is certainly within our realm of new possibilities. Success is not eminent but it is achievable if we continue to keep our focus, maintain a steady balance and continue to stay the course. Opportunities presented them self to us this week and we choose to pick them up, stay focused and explore new avenues to concentrate on and follow.


Joan Marie Ambrose

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Friday, May 24, 2013