Seeking answers to some of your medical issues?

photo from the DoctorsJoan Marie Whelan, a medical intuitive and my daughter was on "The Doctors" show this week sharing her gifts and talents on how she is able to use her X-ray vision and insight to see within the human body and help resolve situations and sometimes life-long issues that perplex many people and doctors alike. She is offering a teleclass on May 13, 2014 to share some of her wisdom and at the end of the two hour program, she will open the air-waves for some questions and answers.

If you feel called to learn more, please go to the web site: -- scroll down and sign up for this teleclass right there.

We all seek answers to our life-long questions so when we find a person who can offer hope and guidance, I believe it is heaven sent.

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Joan Marie Ambrose

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Blog Date: 
Saturday, May 3, 2014