Seekers of a thrill--- Are you one of them!

People are taking synthetic drugs/herbs to get high. They are looking for something to give them a punch a little excitement and who knows what else. I found it interesting and intriguing to listen to the documentaries that are being shown around the country in an attempt to educate the public about the tragic consequences surrounding the usage of these synthetic drugs/herbs. There doesn't seem to be a specific age group that is attracted to them but it is the youth who are unwittingly taking them and getting caught in the net of devastating repercussions.

People are going crazy -their brains are being destroyed in front of their eyes and they don't understand what is happening to them; yet with all of the new alerts on this subject, people are taking bizarre steps to seek out sellers of these products. This is not just a problem in the Unites States, it is happening

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all over the world. The government and many law enforcement agencies are truly stymied by this dilemma and they don't know how to respond to this problem.

I would like to suggest that if we took life seriously and were willing to not only take the time but also make the effort to keep our children safe and feeling loved, we would not need to solve these problems because, they would not be a scourge on society. It is very obvious to see that our children are seeking acceptance and acknowledgement. They want to feel loved, needed and worthy yet in my work I have seen too many parents caught up in their own world of stress, seeking gratification and simply not willing to be responsible and accept the duty of caring for those that they brought into the world. People's nerve endings are rare and extremely stressed because a great many of us are hurting and looking for self-gratification or something to take the edge off the pain.

It is like my story that was posted early on entitled: A metaphor of life the story of the 3 little pigs (March 22, 2012) where the wolf is waiting patiently for its prey and when he finds them, he pounces with full force.

It is the unscrupulous chemists and profiteers who are working diligently to pull the youth into their web and most of us are ignorant to what is happening. This fact does not release us from being alert and aware of the problem and more importantly stay vigilant to the symptoms so we can save the lives of those individuals who are caught up in their grip.

This is definitely a game of cat and mouse but unfortunately the evil ones are more ambitious than the ones who choose a healthier lifestyle.

The problem is huge so what do we do about it?

I believe first of all---and I have said this before. Stay vigilant with your children.

You cannot and I repeat---you cannot ignore any aspect of your children's growth and development. They are vulnerable to all sorts of evil tricks and experiences and you as a parent must continually keep them within your sights. They are naive and vulnerable to all sorts of trickery. Be proactive in their lives and take a healthy interest in their activities , their thoughts and their beliefs.

I had four children close in age and I was a single mom so I can say with experience that their informative years were growling and exhausting but I never and I repeat never put anything before their interests. Their lives and their journey was more important to me than anything else. I understood that it was my choice to bear them and I further understood that it was my duty and responsibility to care for them to the best of my ability.

Morality values this is what will change the world -that is for those who are willing to listen. Part of the problem is that too many parents do not believe this is a problem and they further do not believe it will happen to them.

Too many people don't see or understand that the evil forces have one goal in mind make money at any cost.

And too many people really don't care enough to exert energy to be vigilant with their children and within their community.

We will never stop the drug industry or unscrupulous dealers from creating these harmful products because they have a strong youth market that is seeking a thrill. We can, however, reduce the risk by making sure that the demand is decreased in our community and thereby reducing the need for these products it is all about supply and demand. Unfortunately the thrill more often, results in deadly consequences - death. If you believe that the lives of your children are valuable then you will listen to what I am saying and decide to make some wise choices.

Joan Marie Ambrose

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012