The Scent of a Rose

Would you ever imagine

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that one woman's love of roses and another's need of caring could bring two people together in a friendship that opened both of their hearts to a world of giving and receiving as their souls yearned to cherish that connection.

I love flowers, in fact the truth be known, I love all the gifts that nature has to offer. The mountains, rivers and streams speak loud and clear to me. The trees have their own unique personality and there was a time when I collected different sizes and shapes of rocks because their energy spoke to me but the flowers are something else. I have a need to surround myself with flowers. I always have some in my home and their energy sings volumes to me. My father first introduced me to roses. He had a circular garden of roses that he loved to prune. I am sure it was a form of therapy that helped him release stress as it also filled him with a sense of peace and calm. I never thought of growing roses in my yard.

I am not sure; yet, when I met Betty I realized what I was missing. She had some of the most beautiful roses that I have ever seen. Even though their sizes and colors were beautiful, that is not what captured my imagination - it was the fragrance of her roses that were so unique. I have never smelled roses before that affected my senses the way those rose bushes had; one whiff of her lavish red roses sent my mind and heart to feel complete joy and bliss. I must admit that the scent of her roses brought me to visit her often in the beginning. Betty knew that I enjoyed touching them as much as I realized that they were touching the depths of my soul. The fragrance reminded me of pure love and as I took a deep breath in of their perfume, I somehow knew that they were filling my core with healing energy and love. Many times Betty offered me her luscious roses to bring home and I would always place them by my Quan Yin statue--honoring the sacredness of feminine energy. Betty would often call me and say my roses are blooming- come on over! She loved me coming with my clippers, and it was just another reason for her to call me and have a friend come over and engage in conversation. That is how our friendship started. I was curious to know this woman and she just wanted someone to talk to and help her from time to time. That thought gave her the sense that she actually wasn't alone; that she had a support team that was available to her who was respectful, gentle, appreciative and considerate. Betty is a giver and was always ready to give you something back for the time that you gave to her.

On several occasions, I attempted to get Betty to appreciate the beauty in her own yard. I bought her a small vase so that she could enjoy the roses in her home. I would love to see them in my bedroom and kitchen yet some how that image didn't please her. She kept plastic, artificial flower throughout her house but those that breathe live were rejected. I honestly don't know the reason for her attitude or behavior. There is so much about Betty that will forever remain a mystery. She grew up in an orphanage and remained there until she get her first job in the business world. Was her memory bank only focusing on the sterile and emotionless world of her youth or was it something else? I would never know the answer.

As much as Betty and I shared some pleasant moments together, many more questions surfaced in my mind than answers.

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Maybe that is the way it was supposed to be -maybe it is for me to dig deep within my own soul and look for the answers there. My encounters with Betty have allowed to me examine who I am and why I do what I do. This is my opportunity to explore what has great meaning to me in my life and what I can ignore and let go.

I believe that we all receive clues from life and it is up to each one of us to either acknowledge them and make them a place in our lives or to simply ignore them because we are too busy today to care. I know that we are sometimes too busy to simply smell the roses,so to speak, but at the same time, are we also too busy to discover and unravel the purpose and meaning of our own lives or do we even care?

These are thoughts to ponder and I ask that if you are a reader of my Blog, then maybe you too, are a seeker who is craving to know and understand the truth of your existence. Hopefully you too, will start following the clues meant for you alone.

Betty has been a beautiful rose to me whose fragrance was felt by me and my senses. Her smile, her gratitude and appreciation of our friendship will never be forgotten. I believe our friendship was God inspired and I am grateful that I was willing to follow the clues. It is the scent of that beautiful rose that will be forever burned in the recesses of my soul. Maybe it is time for you to smell the roses in your life.

Joan Marie Ambrose

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Sunday, March 4, 2012