Scenes of your life

In what scene

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of your life are you?

I want you to think about a dramatic book you have read or a positive movie you have seen. Think about the compelling book where the storyline was so powerful that you just could not break away from it. Or maybe the movie that had you sitting on the edge of your seat because you could not wait to see the next scene unfold. Now, I want you to relay that feeling to your own life. Just like any solid storyline, you have a beginning, a middle and an ending. But it is all the scenes that play out in between that keep you coming back for more. You want to see what comes next. You want to understand the characters - you cry with them, you rejoice with them. And at the end of the story, you have this sense of awe. That is the wonder of life.

When you understand that life is a journey, you begin to realize that every scene in your own story plays a vital role in shaping the personality you have and the life you now live. Just like any good book or film, you are the author of your own life story and your destiny. How do you want to write your future?

Think about the assortment of scenes that have played out in your own timeline. For every sorrow, surely there have been some joys. For every disappointment, there have been retributions. We all have our high points and low points in life. At times, it feels as if life's journey has taken you on an emotional roller coaster. And maybe, you are at that point in your life right now. You feel like you are stuck on that perilous ride and you just cannot get off of it. But what comes next? Have you thought about it? It is times like these, when you feel like things have gotten so intense and dramatic that you just want to give up. Just like the book or movie that compelled you in the past, you must see it through so you can make it to the next scene.

Are you paying attention? Your story is still unfolding. Your journey has not yet been written. What is the next scene going to bring? Are you going to put a positive spin on your life? What is the next step you must take to bring back the happiness and laughter in your life? As with any book or movie, if the character just keeps getting stuck in the same scene, the storyline gets old and boring. It no longer stimulates your mind and it no longer serves your purpose to read or watch it. Right? If this is the scene in your own life then you need to think about rewriting the act. If you cannot rewrite the act, then pick up a new scene altogether. Remember, you are the author and the director of your lifestory. How you choose to play out the next scene is entirely up to you. Get off the emotional roller coaster and play out the happy and joy-filled person you truly want to be.

Life is a journey. Embrace each scene of your lifestory as if it were your last. In doing so, you discover the choices you make will be valuable, positive and geared toward that "awe" moment for which you have waited for all along.

Joan Marie Ambrose -- Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Tuesday, October 29, 2013