Reconnecting with our loved ones

I am sure some of you may be a bit skeptical about making contact with your deceased loved ones. It is hard to believe sometimes when you are not the ones telling the stories like you see on television programs. These specials often cover fantastic paranormal and ghostly encounters. Of course TV likes to dramatize these accounts to make them more exciting. In real life, our personal reunions with family and friends who have crossed over are more subtle, more random. At times, we may not even realize that we are being brushed by a passing grandparent, a long-lost friend or even a childhood pet.

We often think that when we lose a loved one that they are gone forever, never to be seen or heard from again. That could not be further from the truth. Your loved ones are often closer than you may think. In fact, someone once said that Heaven's just a breath away. Some of you may not refer to it as that some may call it Utopia, Nirvana or as the some Native Americans refer to as the Happy Hunting Grounds. Whatever you call it, your loved ones are there to support and comfort you when you least expect it.

When you dream at night, when you are meditating, praying, or just spending a few moments in solitude, understand that those who love you the most are nearest to you. It is in those quiet times when we have the greatest opportunity to connect with those we love if we are only ready to receive what they are trying to convey to us. Are you listening?

Here is a real life story I am going to share with you. No dramatization. No fiction just a real encounter that happened to a very close friend of mine. I am hoping that this will give you some comfort in those moments when you feel most alone One stormy night, my friend's power was knocked out. It was dark and close to midnight. Snow had covered the ground like a mantle of white. All the streetlights were flickering and then finally went out. Not an iota of light was to be seen for miles around. Besides flashlights, my friend had lit several candles around her house. Since it was very cold out, she made sure all the windows and doors were sealed shut so no cold air could come inside. At the same time, a few houses down, my friend's mother had done the same thing: burning candles so she could find her way around her house. My friend, who had been missing her father, began talking aloud to him about how she wished he was there. Suddenly the biggest candle flame in the middle of her table began to jump and dance wildly about. She knew without a doubt that her dad had come to visit. But that was not all. She called her mom and told her to look for her dad to come visit her there. It was a leap of faith, but just as her mother picked up her cell phone, the candle flame on her table began to jump and dance about wildly, too. No breeze just the single candle among candles burning wildly about. And just as the phone conversation began to die down, the candle flame on both candles began to dwindle down to a single straight line.

Some of you may be thinking that story was just a coincidence. My friend and my friend's mom didn't believe it was coincidence. They both knew in their hearts that he had come to visit them that night.

But it's not just about candles it's about getting in touch with your soul being and affording it the opportunity to communicate with those who have crossed over to the other side. When you are comfortable with your inner self, you soul and your spiritual needs, you are opening the gateway between Heaven and earth. Your soul being becomes the portal to those who want to reach out and touch your life. How willing are you to let them into your life? What questions do you have to ask them? What answers do you seek? You may just be surprised by who comes through into your life when you open up to the spiritual world the way my friend did.

There are many more of you who have had similar experiences - please feel free to share your stories with me today. Or if you would like help in calming your mind and spirit to open the channel of communication with your loved ones, I would be more than happy to assist you in that regard.

Joan Marie Ambrose

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Monday, September 10, 2012