Putting Your Imagination to Work for You

 Your imagination is a very creative and powerful tool. When used to create good in various degrees, you can accelerate your body’s rate of healingso you canmanifestfor your lifeyour heart’s desire.  Put your imagination to workfor youso you can become your own intuition expert.You, too, can manifestyour life’sdreams and heal your life.

Do you know what it is you wish to manifest in this lifetime?  Can you visualize all that which you want to experience?  The intuition expertin you should visualize this picture as if you were right in the middle of your personal movie. Experience how this feels.  How do you feel having a new job or career; possibly a $50,000 bonus or a million-dollar contract?  How do you feel manifesting for your life?

As an intuition expert, you've discovered that visualization is the powerful tool of the imagination.  Visualization is nothing more than a teaching aid.  Your ability as an intuition expertto use your imagination means you are using your creativity to form a vision or image of what you want to enjoy.  Is this making sense to you yet?   

To increase your wealth, you must realize “What the mind can conceive, the person can achieve.”   This is the exercise of the moment. Some of you might be very left-brained in your thinking and you are saying that this does not make logical sense.  We actually have a product, an E-Book entitled: The Art of Manifesting.  It is all about understanding the mind's power; and trusting and believing you can create wealth and shape your life for your highest and best good.   As an Intuition expert,I encourage you: Put your imagination to work for you in a healthy, positive way.  Accept nothing less!  As anintuition expert, you are in command of your destiny. Put a firm grip on the steering wheel of your ship. Direct its course.  Frequently throughout the day, imagine the feeling of having whatever you desire - increased wealth, improved good health; the manifestation of your life’s dreams.  Continuethis process until you achieve it.  Smile and feel energy come alive within your core. See and know you are preparing yourself to experience the wonderful new you- just like the caterpillar becoming the beautiful butterfly. 

In my personal experience as an intuition expert, I have taken this process to another level; I have put my desire as I continually visualize it daily.  This process has helped me to picture and imagine the outcome in a clear and precise manner. It has also enabled me to truly feel and believe it has happened…yes it has manifestedand become my reality.  As I was doing the writing process, I was actually experiencing the outcome. For me, that was powerful. If you are seeking to heal your lifeand enjoy the inner peace, contentment and grandness for your life, I encourage you to follow these steps buy the E-Book The Art of Manifesting,and begin the next chapter for your life.  


Joan Marie Ambrose -- Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Wednesday, April 3, 2019