Pray when in doubt

Are you at a place in your life where you are doubting yourself and your abilities tobe happy and successful? It is perfectly human to have some self-doubts in life. We are all guilty of lack of self-confidence at one time or another. Maybe you are trying to get a new job, maybe you want your business idea tobe successful, or maybe you just want your relationship with your significant other tobe more harmonious. I have learned that when you truly pine for something to turn out the way you want it to, you get caught up in the "what if's" and doubt starts to creep into your heart and mind.Have you asked yourself any of the following questions?

  • What if all my hard work doesn't pay off?
  • What if I do all of this and I have to start all over again?
  • What if no one likes my idea?
  • What if no one likes my product?
  • What if I am not qualified to do the job?
  • What if I am not accepted for who I am?
  • What if there isn't enough funding to see the project through to the end?

Believe me, it is perfectly normal to speculate about the "if's" that can go wrong. In fact, a lot of businesses take a "premortem" or account of challenges that may present themselves along the way before ever embarking on a new product, service or project. This way, when challenges do arise, they have a plan B or plan C to resort to should an issue arise. What is not normal is dwelling so much on these questions that you are stopping yourself frommoving forwardin your life.Imaginehow many successful entrepreneurs would not be where they are today had they allowed self-doubt to stop them? I can almost guarantee you that many of these same individuals prayed or meditated if they did have any self-doubts.

Instead of preoccupying your mind with all the things thatcouldgo wrong, I want you topray when in doubt. Ask the Higher Source to lift you up and to remove any negative thoughts from your heart and mind so you canremain positiveand have more productive thoughts. It is okay to take a few minutes of your day toreach out to Godand simply say,"God, I am fearful and worried that things are not going to turn out the way I want them to. Please give me the strength and willpower to overcome these feelings of fear and doubt so that I can move forward."When I have feelings of lack, fear or doubt, I am not ashamed to say that Ispeak openly to God. No matter what the outcome happens to be, with God on your side, you cannot go wrong.

Going forward, focus on the advantages andblessingsyou have in your life. After all, the Higher Source has already supplied you with yourtalents, your intellect andyour purpose. All you must do now is fulfill your destiny. If yourself-confidencestarts slipping away from you, pray and ask forperseverance Prayer in itself has a calming effect and at the least, can only make you feel moreself-assuredabout your task at hand. In the end, you cannot permit doubt to steal your hopes and dreams.Praying helpsyou remain calm,confidentand ready to receive the blessings awaiting you.

Joan Marie Ambrose--Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Thursday, October 31, 2013