The Power of using your Intuitive

We all have it we were born with it and it "your intuition" will never fail you. But "it" cannot be realized if you don't understand how it works and how you can tap into its energy. In order to hear the quiet and soft messages that your intuitive voice shares, you must be attentive and alert enough to hear its wisdom.

To become the master of your life requires you to tap into your intuitive talents. We all possess these talents but most of us have allowed them to be buried at an early age and consequently, we have forgotten that intuition exists. It is very much like searching for

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buried treasure. We all seek the mysteries of life but we have no clue where to look or even how to read the map unless we practice and fine-tune our skills.

Intuition, insightful knowingness, a gut feeling that happens within a person's soul is an alert signal and a conviction that what we are feeling is correct.

Intuitively, we know when to listen for opportunity's knock; and we must follow our higher conscience so we can pave the way to manifest a clear and concise plan to action. You can have all the "green lights" you desire when you allow your intuition to be your counsel. Listen for it, and then listen to it. That's how you set yourself up for success.

Your intuition is that little voice in the back of your mind that says, "That road might be treacherous " or "You need to check on Johnny " or "I better make that call." Of course there are numerous times we tap into our intuition, and we do not even realize we are doing so. That is why it is foolproof: it is always there!

Why is it valuable to use your intuition? First of all, it is built into your essence and is available to you 24/7. When you learn how to fine-tune your mind and soul to listen to its messages, you are in a safer place to deal with life experiences.

Your intuitive power is a priceless talent that you possess so honor and respect it. Do not take it for granted. Listen to it. It is your ultimate mentor --your Yoda of the mind, heart and spirit. When Luke said, "I can't believe it," wise Yoda responded, "That's why you fail." Your intuition is invaluable and can help you to succeed on all levels of your life when you truly listen to it and follow its clues. Once you realize that you can make sound and wise decisions by going within, you become self-reliant and truly more self-confident.

It is imperative to plant the seeds of trust in your Soul, your inner gut, your intuition. It does not matter what you call it; however, what does matter is that you trust it implicitly. How does one do that? Through practice, patience and your willingness to listen to the soft, quiet voice that speaks to you.

When I first started to cultivate my intuitive talents, I noticed that the messages I heard were telling me to do something small and unimportant like, see that paper on the floor, pick it up but with time and as I grew to understand the difference between my ego mind and my intuitive talents, I graduated to grander messages. Your intuition does not yell or scream or repeat itself, so be alert and pay attention otherwise, you just might miss what it is trying to tell you. Please also know that your intuition is not your ego mind that chatters all the time. If you do not understand the difference between the ego mind and intuition you might fall short and listen to the wrong information.

If you want to learn more about the power of your intuition, please let me know.

Joan Marie Ambrose

Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Tuesday, May 1, 2012