The Power of Trust

Too often I have found that people both young and old are afraid to trust. The word ���Trust' is a small word yet if fully understood, carries a huge and powerful meaning that definitely impacts our lives. Trust that God, your Creator has a plan for you. Trust that the outcome is what it needs to be and maybe not necessarily what you expected it to be. Trust that you are not alone or deserted.

Many of us are preparing for our big break in life, the opportunity of a lifetime. I am sure it requires so risk on your part. Whether you are starting a business, going back to school to study your passion or forming a new relationship, we soon realize that all of our encounters require some degree of risk and uncertainty.

My belief system and the words I have said over and over again in the last few months are: "God will not drop me I trust that he knows my needs and my heart's desires."

Three years ago my daughter and I were moving from one area to another but we had one problem, we were unable to find the right home to rent. Time was running our and we thought that our only option was to put everything in storage. I was diligently packing up our home and office

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believing that something was going to work out for us yet I didn't see the end goal in site. I stayed focused on my plan and vision knowing that that was my job. During this time, we both traveled to a business conference still maintaining our focus and remaining in the present moment. Upon our return home, with only five days to move, we saw two ads in the paper and went to see the properties, one of which was the perfect home for us. It had all the requirements that we were seeking and it was available for immediate occupancy.

I knew in my heart there was a plan. I did not have all the details but I was focused on the end result knowing that God had a plan. I believed then and I still do today that God, my Creator was not going to drop me. You see, the bigger picture was not available to me. It was my job and responsibility to simply focus on the moment because if I were to look too far ahead, I might have fallen over the edge driven by fear, worry or anxiety.

Where in your life have you been stuck for fear that things might not go your way? I believe in life that we must always call in our support team to help us on our journey. My guides and angel friends are always waiting for me to ask for their help. We all need courage courage to ask for help and wisdom and strength to walk forward knowing that it will come.

Maybe it is time for

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you to call on your team for support and encouragement. You do not have to do it alone. Give yourself permission to receive and accept the fact that wonderful things are about to happen to you because they belong to you.

Joan Marie Ambrose

Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Wednesday, June 6, 2012