The power of the ‘ I am’.

 Who are you?  The power of the words: “I am” begins with your personal declaration of “I am ________”.  (you fill in the blank)

I recently heard the evangelist, Joel Olsen speak about the power of the “I am” and his words were inspirational and transformational.  For when we want to empower ourselves, it is important to believe in ourselves and who we are.

If you say, I am old and a failure or I am unattractive and unable to succeed, you are using the power of your words and thoughts to declare and define your life which in turn causes you to create a life of failure, struggle and lack. Of course, that is negative self-empowerment.   In other words, whatever you follow the “I am” with is what you are inviting into your life. 

How often have you heard words or thought like these but instead of taking them to heart you have allowed them to slip through your consciousness and dissolve in the breeze?  When we empower ourselves to be a better person, we are setting ourselves up to heal our lives.  May I remind you too, that when you heal your life you are actually healing your mind, healing your body.

When you mind is filled with negative thoughts, you are actually planting the seeds of negativity to grow in and around your life.  If you choose to create a better life or if you are searching for ways to create a better life, you MUST plant strong, powerful and healthy seeds of positive thoughts and words. 

Believe me when I say—this is not rocket science.  Your words hold great power and when you speak positive words and feel into those words, your entire physiology shifts, and you begin to feel eagerness and joy when you say those words.   If you say, I am blessed, watch and see blessings come to you.  If you say I am healthy and begin to focus on seeing and feeling healthy in your body and mind, it will follow to you.  In truth, you are self-empowering you to become a better and healthier you!

When you get up in the morning, decide who you are today.  Say out loud, I am ________.

(fill in the blanks—beautiful—healthy—loved—smart—generous—kind—industrious).

 When you start your day with positive words and thoughts, you are inviting them into your life.  If you, in the past, were used to putting yourself down, decide to change your thoughts and words so that you are now building up your energy and self-esteem instead of knocking it down.

 Maybe it is time to say, I am attractive, I am getting younger and I am filled with great vitality.  A lot has to do with your attitude and mental outlook.  When you begin to change your view of who you are, your entire mental attitude shifts and with time, you will begin to observe that others are seeing you in a new and improved light too. 

 Each one of us has the power within to change and to learn to place our focus on our positive attributes and traits instead of our flaws. 

 The Universal Law of Intention and Attraction are marvelous.  When you say, I am beautiful beauty comes looking for you or if you say, I am successful, successful people begin to seek you out. 

 Another valuable lesson to remember—never put yourself down in front of anyone else. Too often we find that people express their failing points instead of praising their talents.  Do not discredit yourself in front of others or one day they will begin to believe you.

 I cannot image anyone who does not want their self-image to improve, I know I do; that is why I am encouraging you to take a deep and serious look within your heart and soul and fill them with confidence and love.  Say, I am ____________.

(fill in the blanks—beautiful—healthy—loved—smart—generous—kind—industrious).


Share your talents with the world!

Take what you have and make the most of it.  God gave you your personality, your looks and your greatness.  You are a masterpiece in front of God.  Believe it and be it and those feelings will become who you are.   Remember ‘You’ are made in the image and likeness of God!  Praise those words and believe in them because you are not just ordinary or basic but something very ‘Special’.


No one has your fingerprint.  You are an original.  You are special and wonderful in the eyes of God and you should feel wonderful in your eyes too. In your private moments---look at you in the mirror and say, I am valuable---I am amazing---I am wonderful…and I am above average.  With the quiet confidence I know you will begin to feel that you have something special to offer the world.


Joan Marie Ambrose -- Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Tuesday, December 4, 2018