Plants and humans have so many things in common

People sometimes have a difficult time communicating with one another for various reasons but as I was watching a documentary on the wonderful world of plants, it was shown that plants and even trees actually communicate with each other within their own sphere of influence all the time.Like human's plants fight for survival, they are competitive, adapt to climate change (change in their environment) and they are considerate towards their siblings and family members.

We do not usually look at a plant or a weed for that matter and consider those attributes in relationship to plants but nonetheless, research has shown that it is a fact as noted by numerous plant behavior specialists and most especially by James C. Cahill, profession from the University of Alberta.Plants make choices they decide between taking risks and receiving its rewards that is how they have learned to survive.

As I continued to listen to this documentary, I once again was brought to the realization that everything that exists imitates man or maybeI'vegot it wrong man actually imitates nature.

I myself have experienced the screams of plants that I own; I forgot to water them and they were trying to get my attention.Plants can also tell you if they are happy with their location and general environment of where you place them.They may not have a brain but they do possess some form of intelligence that enables them to remain healthy, nurtured and satisfied.If an invader comes into their territory or tries to eat the plant, the plant has a defense mechanism that takes over creating a balance of positive and negative interaction.

Plants need to make the right decision or they die; so does man.

Plants need to move around and seek nutrients in order to survive; so does man.

Plants eavesdrop on each other and they talk to their enemy; so does man.

We humans are faced with choices daily and our ability to make right decisions helps determine our success or failures.We are always seeking greater knowledge and ways to work, be entertained and simply survive.We certainly gossip and thrive on listening to the stories and lives of famous people, and when it comes time to speak to our enemy, maybe we need to do a better job of communicating for the better good of all.

We certainly share some similarities with other forms of life.Through this blog, I have shared in past posts various stories that reveal that fact.Daily we are reminded of our journey and of all the various ways we can proceed so as to make better choices for our best good yet too often we falter and fail at the basic task of survival because we are too passive, too sedentary or even disinterested.

How many different ways does each one of us need to be shown that there is a defined process of life that needs to be followed if we want to not simply survive but also to live a fulfilling lifestyle?Plants, nature, animals even the rocks and boulders have a voice and if you took the time to listen, you just might learn something of value for your life.

With the aid of new technology, we are constantly made awareof the value of all the energy that we are surrounded by daily.We are discovering that plant roots are continually seeking food and they are always moving towards the source.Maybe this is a metaphor of life man's roots are the foundation that support us and enable us to learn and grow and when we seek guidance and wisdom of our Source, we thrive.Hopefully this gives you some food for thought!

Joan Marie Ambrose

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Thursday, April 11, 2013