Plan to live

As I was listening to a commentary recently I heard the reporter use those words to express the sentiments shared by a man who has been severely challenged in his life. As the story line goes, Steve Gleason, a retired football player for the New Orleans Saints of the National Football league was diagnosed with the early stages of Lou Gehrig's disease. When he was told about his debilitating situation, he was also told to prepare to die because most people do not have a favorable diagnosis in battling this disease. Steve's comments were: "I want to prepare to live" and since that time, that is exactly what he has done.

Although he has lost most of his motorized skills and his ability to speak he is still positive in his thinking, his proactive attitude and a behavioral performance that tells the world that no matter what curve ball you have been handed, you can still conquer and live your life to the fullest of your abilities.

While his challenges are great, he has chosen to live each day looking for alternative solutions that will stimulate his mind, enhance his mental outlook and raise his soul

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to explore new possibilities. His body may be imprisoned within the limiting boundaries that such a disease unleashes yet his spirits are high because he is fortified by the loving support of his family and friends.

If you were faced with a similar situation how would you and your family respond? I pray to God each day for our good health and safety but like Steve, no one knows when our lives might change in an instant and we are faced with a situation that can either prepare us to live to the fullest or doom to give up and prepare to die. His story reminds us, each one of us are faced with challenges daily but it is in the way that we handle them that sets us apart from the pack.

The message that I received from learning more about this amazing human being is one of ���Love.' For it is the unconditional love that has kept this family together and it is the unconditional love that will continue to sustain them through the remaining years. Each one of us needs to feel love, nurtured and needed. It really doesn't matter what your age is, love has no equal. It is my hope and prayer that you or I will never have to go through those kinds of challenges. I also hope that each one of us will learn from this amazing story and realize that it shouldn't take a tragedy for us to give love or share love with our family and friends.

It is obvious that there are

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many difference attitudes and opinions in the world and to some those differences are grounds for expressing offending, embarrassing or ridiculing comments or actions against others. That type of behavior at its core is down right wrong. Let us, each one of us rise up and rethink our reason for being here in the first place. Life is too short prepare to live it to the fullest because dying will take care of it self.

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Friday, July 12, 2013