Picking up the Pieces

At what point in your life is it time to pick up the pieces and move forward? Too often, we become saddled by life's challenges and trials. Instead of looking ahead, we begin living in the past memories of those challenging events. We start asking all the what if's and whys; and we quickly get hung up on them.

It is during these challenging times, individuals lose sight of the meaningful people and opportunities around them. Do not do that to yourself. I have said it before and I am saying it again, "Don't sweat the small stuff." In the bigger scheme of life, your primary focus is to move forward in your journey. Follow where your heart and soul may lead you. This means that if you are emotionally bruised and battered, it is time for you to wipe the dust from your knees, pick up the broken pieces, and regain your vision. Once you are up and ready to open your eyes to the path in front of you, you start to gain clarity. This progressive movement is not only a way for you to survive life's trials, but a way for you to thrive in your present and future life.

Stop looking backwards at past failures and hardships. This habitual behavior will only hinder your emotional health and wellbeing. Start using past challenges as learnings and stepping stones to creating real success for yourself. Remember, you do not need a cheering squad to boost your self-esteem and personal confidence. What you do need is self-motivation to get moving.

Isaac Newton once said, "An object that is at rest will tend to remain at rest. An object that is in motion will tend to remain in motion." The hard truth is that if you continue to tie yourself to past hurts and disappointments in life,

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you will remain stuck in that pattern. You cannot grow, nor can you succeed if that is what you are doing. Instead, I want you to focus on all the "can be's" and all the "can do's". Stop living in a pile of broken pieces that have been laying for years around you. Right now, you have prime opportunity to pick those dusty pieces up, accept them for what they are, get up, and get moving.

Whether you believe it or not, once you condition your mind to be in "go mode", you will begin to start seeing and realizing the fruits of your labor. If you had relationships that did not work out before, you will see an improvement in the way you begin harnessing relationships going forward. Further, if you want to start seeing financial success and even physical wellbeing, letting go of the past is not only a step in the right direction, but critical to your overall health and prosperity.

Picking up the pieces takes some time for many people. It is always easier said than done, I know. The hard truth is that you must do it for your own sanity. It is unhealthy to continually live with shattered dreams and experiences. You take those experiences and broken pieces and gain insight from them. What can you do differently this time? How can you make a relationship work now? What steps do you need to take to improve your overall odds at acquiring the job you want? What preparations are necessary for you to achieve your life's dreams? Stop saying, "I can't," and start saying, "I can." Your mind, heart and soul will thank you.

Joan Marie Ambrose -- Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Sunday, February 9, 2014