Optimism is a trait that maximizes potential

Optimism-PessimismWinston Churchill said: "A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficult." Who are you and how are you dealing with your life's situations? If our belief is limited our thoughts will be limited and our outcome will be narrow and far from expansive.

Optimists are more self-confident and are willing to take risks and see that they possibly will add up to an adventure or even open the door to new opportunities. They look at the outside world as a way to create something new.

A pessimist tendsto be a victim to circumstances and blames their outcome on everything in the outside world. I believe I was always more of an optimist but there were times when I let fear stop my forward motion or at least slow me down until I realized that when I was willing to learn a skill or become more educated on a specific topic, my confidence level increased and my success and self-worth improved.

Again a pessimist thinks that their problems are bigger and worse that someone else. Unfortunately that is not true. An optimist most likely has the same types of problems they just don't let them get the best of them and in fact they choose to move onand tackle something that they can change and quite possible bring them joy.

Practice moving away from fear and doubt and your sluggish and pessimistic thoughts will lessen. If you willingly agree to take positive action and move your thoughts towards more fruitful beliefs, you will improve your quality of lifel

It definitely takes courage and inner strength to continually walk forward in a positive and confident way. We all encounter problems on a daily basis but it is far more fruitful not to dwell on the problem and instead seek a solution.

As I have said so often. We all have choices that we make daily. It is far easier for me to think positively and to live with a stronger sense of new possibilities that might arise daily then to wallow in the gutter of life feeling sorry for myself because I am afraid to venture into the unknown. For my peace of mind and a healthy outlook, I need to believe that tomorrow will be better, brighter and more exciting than today. I hope you, too, can and will seek out that kind of life. It is far easier on your mental and emotional state not to mention your physical being.


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Wednesday, October 1, 2014