OBSERVATION is key to your awakening

Sometimes it is valuable to step back and just listen and watch what others are saying and doing. Children learn by observation. Have you ever thought about that fact? From the moment of conception to the age of seven years, a child's world is reinforced, molded and guided through that power and/or their ability to observe. If more parents only realized the power that they yield in the shaping of their children's thoughts, values and various patterns, I believe they would take to heart more seriously their role in shaping and forming the future generation of world leaders, thinkers and creative beings.

The power of observation does not end at the age of seven in fact, it only intensifies and becomes stronger and more profound with age as it is combined with an individuals desire to awaken to their true purpose. When we become observers of life, I believe, we learn to see the broader picture of what is actually going on around us rather than experience a limited view and focus because our world vision is small and limited.

When I say, become the observer of life rather than the participant, I mean that it is time for you to watch at a distance the goings on in the world order because only in that moment can you truly and sincerely see the view from the mountain top. And I might add the view from the mountaintop enables you to have a broad and expansive view of what is happening in the largest scheme of life.

There is a direct correlation between the power of observation and ones ability to learn effectively. I can use myself, as a perfect example that I hope will allow you to understand what I am pretending to explain. You see, most of my life I have felt and perceived myself as being over weight. My mother reminded me that I was fat and needed to wear chubby size clothes. Always being the heaviest one in my family of 5 other siblings, I have spend a good deal of my life thinking about how I was going to look and feel thin. Even today when I go to the gym and partake in the various group exercise programs, most of the women in the classes are lean with bodies that I can only hope to dream about and I might add -- most of them are senior citizens. But over the years, I have observed how these women partake in the different exercise programs. Some have had trainers who put them through tough endurance programs. Others, I have noticed watch their food intake. If they eat larger portions today, they cut back drastically tomorrow. There is always a give and take mechanism in place, which I must admit; I have not followed most of my life. I have observed but failed to put those practices into action.

It has only been recently that I made a conscious decision that if I want to have the body shape that I have longed to enjoy, I, too, needed to take the appropriate steps to reach my desired outcome. It has only been through continually self-talk, discipline and a strong desire to exercise less, which means that I must also eat less that I have finally been able to reach a happy medium.

It has been a painful learning experience for me but one in which I am finally becoming successful at and I discovered it through the power of observation.

I bet there is some aspect of your life where you have been experiencing a tug of war, like myself, so I commend you to keep pushing forward. If through the power of your self-realization and observation that you, too, can win your battle and/or tug of war, I say push forward.

For me it has been all about learning how to change my behavior in a positive and life altering way. I have had to restrain my taste buds so that I do not crave sweets and deserts. I discovered that I needed to create distractions for myself so that I didn't fall back into my old patterns. They say it takes 30 days to change a habit I certainly do not disagree but at the same time, I decided that I also needed to re-enforce my new habits and new goals by implementing a new action plan that would jump start my newly formed plans.

I also have asked my angel friends to give me courage, support and newfound inspiration. I must admit they never fail. I know I can count on them to help me shift gears and keep my sights on the straight and narrow. This is a 24-hour task!

The power of self-observation is definitely a skill and I believe an innate gift that we all possess but few of us utilize. I am sure we all have a daily personal path that we secretly crave to experience yet few of us believe that it is within our power to possess. For myself, I am learning a valuable life lesson and that is exciting. I may never be as thin or as svelte as some of the women at my gym, but I feel good about how I look in my clothes, I feel excited about fitting properly into my clothes and I love the shape of my body. Isn't that what really matters? How about you? What have you observed about you and your life today that is worth sharing?

Joan Marie Ambrose

Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Thursday, May 31, 2012