My sacred garden

It may sound silly but my garden is on

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a 20x20 ft balcony or patio. I currently live in a small condo unit of 12 flats. I am blessed to walk out onto my patio and have the water in complete and unobtrusive view right in front with botanical gardens located to my right. There is no other way to describe this experience but to label it as sacred. I am surrounded with numerous colorful flowers, mostly geraniums because they can withstand the strong sun and heat. Then I have many succulent plants and palm trees that grace my sacred space together with my ornamental statues.

Have you created a sacred garden to feed your heart and soul? If not, why not? I actually have beautiful space but in truth you can create your sacred garden in your kitchen or any area in or around your home. It doesn't have to be as large as mine and it certainly doesn't have to be on ground level but it can be meaningful and special for you.

Gardens and what they reveal is universal. Many religions have been influential in creating garden designs. The rich, famous and the royals of the world have been fortunate to enjoy long walks through a sacred sanctuary where they can escape the rigors of their daily life and the scrutiny of the world. But you too can create a special garden that is secluded and unique as it provides an ideal spot where magic unfolds and ideas and your creative energy emerge. But that is not the whole story the greatest attribute or benefit that you can experience is one of mindful release and physical rejuvenation as your enjoy relaxation and a state of calm.

You can call it your sacred space, a special sanctuary or simply a private place where you feel free and refreshed. Many cultures stress the value of gardens because they understand and appreciate the benefits that such a spiritual place exudes. The various Asian cultures consider gardens a necessary part of their lives. Americans create a space where one can sit in reflection and feel the release from stress and anxiety of there daily lives. Europe is brimming with numerous sacred places where people can pay homage to the beauty and symmetry that such a place reveals.

Nature possesses great healing powers and man is blessed to freely experience its rare beauty. Wherever you are, you can create a beautiful sacred place that feeds your soul, heals your body and quiets the mind. It is a place where the hand of God touches you and shares its canvas of color and light. Where hope prevails and magic unfolds. You can decorate your sacred space with any symbolic reminder or materials that opens your heart space and allows your energy to flow and be nurtured. It is save and serene and most of all it is your special space that resonates with you. Whether you use your space for meditation, prayer or simply hiding out in quiet it is there to serve you and your needs. I have discovered that I daily need to release the toxic energy of my day and call in the cleansing love and light of the Universal Flow. It is my opportunity to breathe out all stress and frustrations that a busy work schedule dictates. Consciously releasing as I lovingly fill with peace and joy benefit me and helps me to stay in balance.

If you seek to find a way to decompress and let go of the heavy burdens of the day or of your life, I encourage you to think about creating a sacred garden for yourself. I believe you will be pleasantly surprised by the shift that you feel and enjoy. You just might be forever grateful with your end result.

Joan Marie Ambrose

Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013