Music, wine and roses

Thursday, March 8, 2012

This thought came to me early this morning while relaxing in bed. Music Wine Roses

Listening to music stirs my soul and enables my energy field to vibrate at a higher frequency as my body relaxes and maintains a sense of calm and relaxation. A good glass of fine wine stimulates my senses and makes an ordinary day become a special occasion. I look forward to enjoying my nightly glass as I unwind from my day and again relax. Smelling the fragrance of a pretty flower symbolizes beauty and love. As I look at the unique shapes and colors of various flowers, I find that they uplift me, cause me to smile which results in a happier state of wellness for me. Scientific research has proven that when a person receives flowers, their physiology changes and they become outright happy. That experience creates a shift in their energy field. These are three simple pleasures that I enjoy and that I wanted to share with Betty well at least the music and flowers.
Betty didn't like real flowers around her, only plastic and she never listened to music. When I asked her why, she looked at me with a blank smile and said: "I do not need music." I actually didn't look at it as a need but rather another form of pleasure and enjoyment.
In fact, plants in your home create warmth and a soothing ambience while at the same time remove pollutants from the air and provide increased and improved oxygen to breathe. I am always seeking ways to brighten my surroundings and lift my spirits and I wanted to create that same synergy for Betty but she was not interested. Simply put, flowers and music bring forth joy and happiness.
So if
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we are going to live a long and prosperous life, why not enjoy it in a state of improved health, which includes physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. My thought not only go out to Betty and people like her but to all people in the world who are wondering what they can do to feel better each and every day. While I am writing this Blog, I have a vase of beautiful and colorful tulips right in front of me. When I see them, I take a deep breath in as though I am absorbing their energy. They truly improve my state of existence.

Well-being, a sense of happiness and contentment are qualities that we need to nurture if we want to posses them. To live a life free of dis-ease in the mind, body and spirit is achievable, I know because that is what I am doing. Yes it takes effort on my part and yes, I need to be pro-active and maintain a positive state of mind but when I look at it, the alternatives require pain and suffering and I choose not to invite those traits into my life.

The solution is quite simple actually! Allow music and flowers into your life on a regular bases, think about them, mediate on them and watch your energy shift and your vibration rise. I can almost guarantee it.

Joan Marie Ambrose

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Thursday, March 8, 2012