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choicesWe are working with people who call for appointments because they are experiencing some very difficult health challenges and are looking for answers. Being intuitive and watching my daughter work as a medical intuitive, I have seen how the blocks from early childhood have absolutely caused suffering in the present time for many people. Some people are very much surprised to learn where the problem first started yet once they know and understand how it began, they often fail to take the next step which will lead to solutions.

Once someone discovers the root, they are in a better position to move away from that chapter in their life and create a new and improved story. Some seem to stop with the first step, which is the knowing stage. By that I mean, they learn the root but choose to do nothing to improve their health, their life because they find the process compromising. They may have to release someone or something from their lives and they refuse to do so, or they don't want to change their environment or their behavior and that, too, prevents them from receiving their healing.

We humans cause our own problems! We make choices that don't serve us and we seem to think that we know better better than God, better than what will serve our highest and best good in the highest and best way. We think that a pill or injection will solve everything but in truth it only masks the problem.

Only we, individually, have the power to heal ourselves! Let me repeat that NO ONE can heal you---that power belongs to you alone. You can go to a Doctor and ask for guidance but the Doctor can only help you after you have given your input and shared your symptoms. Your greatest healing powers start on the inside of you. When you are ready to examine the root cause and move through it, then you are ready to take the next step, which is releasing the situation, possibly by forgiving yourself or by removing the block or obstacle from your life and your energy field. This is the work that we do with our clients. You heal yourself but we become your support team. We help you on your journey to greater health and happiness. The truth and the answers reside within the recesses of your heart and soul. If you are feeling challenged or are suffering, maybe it is time to take a deeper look within and ask for help from God, your Creator.

We offer many products, services and programs that will help you on your journey. We have a lot of messages and meditation CD's that are FREE. There is no excuse for you to suffer. You have the power to heal but you have to choose it and take the first step. If you need encouragement please go to our web site: or go to our fan page where we share all day long insightful and inspiring messages for our fans. We would love to connect with you too.

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Monday, July 28, 2014