The mind and soul knows

Friday, March 2, 2012

I have observed how Betty's physiology has changed when her caregiver is with her and when she interacts with me. The difference is dramatic. I am sure you, too, have had those insightful visions or thoughts. When someone walks into the room, your soul immediately knows if you want to engage with them in conversation or ignore them. Most of us do not understand nor do we realize that everything in life is everything! UGH do you have any idea what I mean about this? Well, you see we are energy beings vibrating and pulsating to a frequency. It can be a frequency of loving kindness or don't bother me you are wasting my time, I am bored.

I have come to learn and to realize how important it is to help people feel special while they are on earth and Betty is a prime example of that. I felt that I was re-charged with the energy of life each time I helped Betty feel nurtured and adored. I am not sure if I gave more to her or she gave more to me. Neither of us was counting we simply opened our hearts and souls to enjoy the experience.
Imagine if each one of us took the time to nurture and adore each other instead of trying to one-up someone because they yelled at you or possibly insulted and disrespected you or even ignored you. We all have feelings and we all have needs. The very young and the very old are more sensitive and vulnerable than the rest of us; they definitely need our caring and sharing in big doses.
Caregivers are needed; they are invaluable to our society and families who seek their help. Please do not get me wrong. However, as one of the police said to me when they showed up at her home: "This may be difficult to accept but please understand that there are some very good caregivers and there are equally some very bad caregivers." Those words resonated with me. Yes, he was correct and unfortunately, even Betty knew that the ones that were hired to help and protect her had no compassion and their caring skills were questionable. At times they perform difficult tasks and most certainly fill a huge void within the community. While that statement does not ease the pain I felt when I was shown a poor caregiver, I realized that truth and at that moment needed to accept that reality.
Please know when it is our time to leave this Earth I believe one of the most important questions we will be asked is: "Where we the best that we can be?" How did we serve others?" When we die the only thing that matters is how we have made others feel and what we did to benefit others. Did we help lift them up or did we tear them down and berate them?
My friends be clear about your attitude, behavior and your actions on a daily basis; this is so important. I love to love and this is such a valuable trait and asset to possess. How do you feel about this? I would love to know. Like everything else in life the process of aging has a lot to do with your mental attitude, outlook and environment. Let us not forget daily we are aging. We may ignore
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that fact and even deny that it could happen to you but in honesty remember your mind and soul knows the truth.

Blog Date: 
Friday, March 2, 2012