A metaphor of life--the story of the Three Little Pigs

Thursday, March 22, 2012

There is a favorite children's story that I would like to share with you. It is the story of the three little pigs and the big bad wolf. I am sure you all heard of it. But I am going to modernize this story and bring it up to date in a short version.
These three little pigs are starting out on a new life, on a new journey. Each little pigs has his own characteristics, his own personality that shapes and mold the path that he is going on and each one builds a house that actually symbolizes a certain type of character and quality of his life.
These three little pigs represent our fears, our feelings of self-worth, and our unwillingness to grow and learn so that we would understand our true and authentic self.
The first little pig goes out to build himself a home. He finds a farmer with some straw and he says to himself. I can use this to build my house. It is easy to do. Not a lot of work and I'll be done in no time. This little pig is cute and playful but has no desire to exert himself; he only wants to do what is absolutely necessary to get him through life.
The second little pig sees a man with some wood and asks if he could have some to build a house. He isn't interested in building a strong future or foundation to secure his life; he just wants to finish the job and ask no questions. His vision
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is clouded with lack of imagination and drive. The third pig, however, understands that he must be wise and knowledgeable, so he decides to seek and find materials that are strong and sturdy, able to withstand the winds and storms of everyday life and, of course, the trickery of the wolves in the world who are looking for their prey. This third personality recognizes his strength and power as he builds a house of brick and mortar symbols of self-confidence, positive energies and the ability to take command of his life. He takes his time and creates something for himself that will help fulfill his destiny and enjoy his successes.

We all know how the story goes; the wolf outsmarts the first two pigs but it is the third pig that challenges him the most. The powerful breath of the wolf personifies the energy of storms, hurricanes, typhoons, the natural and horrifying disasters that are occurring around the world trying to stir up fear and discontent.
The third little pig is so grounded in his self-esteem and self-worth that he is not swayed or absorbed by the trickery or anger of the wolf. He understands that by standing in his power, his strength, he can re-create the life he wants the life that he chooses the life that he deserves.
It was the power of selfishness, greed and hate that symbolizes the wolves of this earthly plane who chose to harbor and spread the evil and darkness of the lower based energies in the world, hoping to trap and trip us up by continually feeding us with fear, anger, murder, hatred, envy and greed. But this pig didn't buy into it. He made healthy and wise choices that better served his desired goals.

We all get to choose the foundation or the materials that we want to use to shape our lives. You get to decide, not me or anyone else---it is your life and you are the one in charge so I encourage you to choose wisely and decide which of the three little pigs you want to emulate.

Blog Date: 
Thursday, March 22, 2012