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I have spoken about the labyrinth and how it can help you find inner peace and calm. I would like to also share with you many other forms of meditation that will allow you to find the same end result. There is no one method that is best for you rather there might be several that speaks to you. I would like to share several today that I hope will assist you on your journey towards inner peace and reflection.

Meditation is simply the act of going within, quieting yourself and sitting in a calm and resolute way where you simply breathe in and breathe out and stop the activity of your mind. It is a time when you do not think about the past or the future but simply are in the present moment. There are no rules, requirements or judgment call. This is a time when you are communing with your Creator. Some people like to say a mantra to help them stay centered; others journey to a beautiful, sacred place, like a garden that feels special and tranquil. Each one of us might have a place that is special for us I often simply surround myself in the bright light of the Universal Flow that fills me with love and serenity. It is in this place that I resonate with God and feel his unconditional love.

What is important to understand is that meditation is a tool used to ground your life and enable you to feel the natural joy as peace and balance flow in and through you. So that when the storms or hurricanes of life come your way, you will be an observer to the chaos, not a receiver. What a marvelous shift from the old way of thinking. You no longer need to wear the martyred robes that the old paradigm dictates but rather feel the freedom that being grounded reveals.

The only way you can keep your mind in check is by meditating frequently during the day. When you do, your mind will be controlled by you and will wait for your instructions. It becomes a very focused light that is waiting for you to bring forth the feelings of what you want to create the feelings of where you want to send your energies, the feelings of how you want to think. All of these feelings begin to take on new meaning, as you intuitively know that you are in the right place at the right time. You life will begin unfolding in front of you in a clear and meaningful way. This happens because your mind is not filtering anything and becoming scattered. You are allowing the God force within to work for you.

Meditation does not necessarily mean sitting in a yoga position and invoking Allah. Meditating is simply quieting the mind. You can be driving a car, having lunch or sitting on a park bench and at the same time be in a quiet state of nothingness a state of non-thinking and simply absorb nature or the Universe around you.

There are many forms of meditation that people can choose from; what works for you may not be as effective for someone else. I, personally like to sit and meditate by visualizing the Golden Light of the Universal Flow flowing down through the opening in my head, the crown chakra, like a beautiful waterfall, down and through my entire body. I also spend time in a beautiful garden, my little paradise where I visit with my inner being, my soul and ask her to speak to me. It is a marvelous spot where I meet other spirit guides and friends. Meditation has allowed me to commune with God and examine the beauty of the Universe that flow within me.

Remember there is no one-way to experience a meditative state. All I can say is that it is a wonderful gift to self and it is a marvelous opportunity to learn more about who you are as you listen to God communicate to you.

Joan Marie Ambrose

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012