Mediocrity equates to ordinary

Have you ever given that statement any attention ’mediocrity equates to ordinary’?  Are you living a life of mediocrity, that is, are you simply content where you are or are you feeling a little frustrated because your life isn’t turning out the way you had originally planned? It is something like my life was at the beginning of this year. I thought I was moving in one direction and I felt as though it was going to exceed my expectations but somewhere, within this process or adventure of mine, something changed and left me feeling a little confused, bewildered and needless to say, annoyed and struggling. Where was I to place the blame? Because, of course, when something doesn’t go our way, we always look to someone or something to blame?

The truth be known– the responsibility for all that is happening and all that will happen in my life falls on ‘Me’. If our inner world is out of balance and not performing in alignment with our Higher Self, it cannot perform in harmony with the outside world either. That is a Law of Nature! In order to enjoy inner peace and a real sense of fulfillment, we all must be in alignment or balance with the Universal flow of energy.  

Sluggishness-mediocrity-apathy or self-doubt and fear are all signs of an ordinary existence and negative beliefs. That is not what I want for my life! In fact, I have never settled for that belief or that state. I have always looked at myself as someone who was born to be more. Who has a purpose and a reason for being and that has been the force behind my desire to push harder, learn more, be disciplined and most of all be open to new possibilities and change because I really want to reach my highest potential and manifest for my life all that is for my highest good.  My first warning sign was that I really did not love myself unconditionally. At first those three little words (love myself unconditionally) had very little meaning, but as I continued to dig deeper into myself and ask questions from my Divine Team, I soon discovered that I was letting myself down.

My gut instincts, my intuition never lies. I may lie to myself, but my Higher Self never lies. So here I was getting naked with my truth! I was seeking clarity in my vision for my life. I needed to be honest with myself and make some powerful and deliberate decisions for me if I truly wanted to push through to the other side where the light was brightly shining. That is the way to reach your highest potentiality in life.  I wanted to shine too!

It is through the various processes that I developed and fine-tuned for myself that I am now teaching to my students. This is the same process that I have written about in my latest E-book:

 Love-Heal-Fulfill, the Gift of Knowing you.



Once I made the decision to love myself unconditionally, I was ready to take a big step towards healing those unwanted emotions that have been haunting me, hindering my life and keeping me imprisoned. Now I can honestly say, I am living the life that I was born to live. I have embarked on a new career choice, I look and feel better, my outlook is healthier, and my choices are solidly grounded in what best serves my forward movement and me. I am taking full responsibility for my life ads I am manifesting for my life all that I crave. I feel completely in charge of my destiny. My Divine Team is my guiding light. My thoughts and vision are clearly on my end goal and I am proud of who I am. So, I ask you the question: “What life and lifestyle are you choosing for yourself?” Are you content with being mediocre or do you have a grander vision and purpose for yourself so that you too, can manifest for your life and reach your highest potential?

Let us together strive to be extraordinary because the world needs more people like us to make it work smoothly, peacefully and lovingly.


Joan Marie Ambrose -- Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Tuesday, October 8, 2019