Making your thoughts work for you

thinking woman-2Let's think about that title for a minute: "Making your thoughts work for you." How do you do that, you ask? If you are not already aware of this truth then please pay attention. If we continually think about a goal or a project, you will find that you soon come up with a way to accomplish that goal or fulfill that project. Our thoughts hold great power, and it is a fact that if we can perceive something, we can create it. Just look back on all the inventors and scientists in the world who had a thought, a vision, a dream and see how they materialized it into their reality.

When you are able to plant the notion of what may come into your life, you are planting seeds and in doing so, you are able to become successful in bring that course of action into reality. If we plant the thought of what we want to see happen, we have the capability to make those things come into fruition. In that same instance, we have the capacity to transform the outcomes that we want to achieve in our not-so-distant futures.

How do we make our thoughts work for us?. When was the last time you really wanted something so badly that you were willing to do just about anything to get it? I know a lot of you might say that you have, but how many of you have actually acquired that "thing" or that goal that you wanted? If you put your thoughts to work, then you successfully planted the seeds of action to manifest your heart's desires. You must focus on your specific thought, your idea, to give it the freedom to spread its wings and fly. If you have bottled it up in your mind and allowed it to stay hidden, then it is just that: an idea that has nowhere to grow. It is an unborn thought. What is it that you truly want to change in your life?

A client once asked me, "Joan Marie, you make change happen so effortlessly. What is your secret?" My secret is no secret at all. Change is never easy. In fact, it is one of the most difficult tasks for us. First it requires deliberate concentration, stick-to-itiveness and a willingness to make this a positive habit to be followed until you achieve what you are seeking. Life opportunities are unlimited when we are no longer afraid to put our thoughts to birth and go with the flow of change. That is the real secret.

It truly is an inside job. Your thoughts hold great power and manifest good or bad results depenpositive thinking manding upon how you utilize your thoughts because your thoughts do create your reality. For example: If you continually think you will get sick, guess what you soon become weakened to attract some type of sickness into your energy field because you are directing your attention in that way and therefore attracting that which you are focusing on. In other words, you are giving permission for some form of sickness to come into your life.

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I believe, as should you all, that when you put your thoughts and words to work, dreams can and will become reality. It is never a matter of whether you can or cannot; more so, a matter of whether you truly want to or not.

Joan Marie Ambrose -- Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Friday, May 9, 2014