Make Family one of your Priorities

There is a time to work, be conscientious and disciplined in life because that is the structure that is needed to be successful in your business career; however, knowing that that is a reality of life we also must place some focus on being connected with our family. Family comprises of various scenarios --They can mean having a partner, children, pets or siblings to interact with. Within the structure of your family dynamics, reside those individuals who need your attention, possibly support but above all your loving concern. When I was growing up, my father was the breadwinner of his large family and even extended family and he left almost no time to be with his children nor did he get to know who we were as individuals. We missed out on his contributions to us and we missed out on knowing him in so many ways. In those days the father's presence was overshadowed by the fact that he was the provider and that fact negated all other possibilities. While my father was a wonderful provider who gave us numerous advantages hedidn'tknow how to relax, laugh and genuinely enjoy the fullness of life.

I believe my message here is to remind some of you and possibly enlighten others to the importance of making your family a priority in your overall process of life. Parents and siblings need to listen to what their other family members are saying and enjoy the companionship of each other whenever possible. We all need to be needed and we all need to know that someone values our thoughts, ideas and conversations. This does not, however, suggest that you need to offer your criticism or judge others for their behavior or beliefs because those attitudes in themselves are destructive.

Respect and appreciation of each other is vital for the growth and development of all parties. So when we multitask and listen with one ear, thatdoesn'tcount. Giving someone your undivided attention with the intention of letting him or her know that you care enough to listen completely is crucial and rewarding at the same time.

Whether you create a hobby that will bring joy and excitement to all parties or enjoy a walk in nature or music or dance, it reallydoesn'tmatter. The pleasure that is felt by participating in those types of encounters is part of the benefits and rewards enjoyed.

Life's little and simple pleasures are often the most memorable. Going fishing or kayaking with your children or friends is not only a wonderful way to improve connectivity but it is also relaxing, releases stress and tension and offers healing all at the same time

Take your ���special time' with someone who is special to you in your life. Make it a habit and pencil those occasions into your appointment book. You will soon discover that your relationships will be filled with more laughter and joy, the communication between all parties will improve and you, yourself, will begin to experience life with more vigor and enthusiasm.

Joan Marie Ambrose

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012