This is a Lucky day!

Friday the 13thFear of Friday the 13th is a prevalent superstition in the Western world because of its negative reaction by many who think it carries evil omens. The Catholic Church has it Good Friday, It has been noted as the day of many hangings, People leaping from building and cultures using it to provoke their horrific actions. Hotels, Theaters and other public places eliminate the number and jump over it because of the public outcry and beliefs.

Yet, did you know that the moon makes 13 revolutions around the earth each year? That in the Jewish Religion, the age of 13 is when a boy is initiated into the adult community. In ancient Egypt, it is believed that life has 13 stages, the last of which is death that brings you to Eternal Life with Creator. In many other cultures, Friday was considered the day of Good Luck and positive energy. Do you realize that there were 12 disciples of Jesus and with Him by their side, He was the number 13, the Savor of the Universe?

For me, Friday the 13th represents good fortune. It is a day to invite something miraculous into our lives and to feel joyful that we have the opportunity to experience it.

Don't let your fear of superstition paralyze you on this day but rather shift your thoughts, open your heart and mind and look around you many wonderful things are happening today so go out and be part of the goodness that is unfolding before your eyes. A good attitude and a relaxed approach to daily living will certainly bring a smile to your face and quite possibly some much needed fun.


Joan Marie Ambrose -- Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Friday, February 13, 2015