Lost Compassion in Digital Devices

While modern technology continues to advance the way we think, act and create innovation in many positive ways, humankind is changing with the rapid growth of competitive smartphones, high-tech gadgets, tablets and now even Google Glass. Today, we are more connected than ever before; yet somewhere in the mix, we have also created a major disconnect to the reality that exists around us. So much so, that people have begun to literally lose themselves and their sense of responsibility and civic duty to their digital devices.

In a recent Wall Street Journal article, the Philadelphia Chief of Police made a shocking and revealing statement about how " people are more likely to use their cellphones to record assaults than to call the police." The sad truth about modern culture is that we are becoming a civilization oblivious to the world around us and are quickly losing our sense of compassion. Too many of us are all too eager to engage our virtual realities, our alter-ego worlds -- where we upload online video footage of someone getting hurt, a crime, or some other negative event. And while those who do upload these videos may not be active participants in the event, they are essentially condoning the act by not reacting, by not helping, by not having enough compassion to care enough to do anything about the event.

Digital devices can be awesome!

I understand the world is changing and digital devices have played a significant role in these changes. And change, for the most part, can typically be a optimistic event. But we must learn to harness change and technology equally in ways to benefit society as a whole. Think back to times when the first telegraph was sent, the first phone call was made, the first internet connection was established, the first mobile text transferred Any and all of these life-altering forms of communication have had a dramatic impact on how quickly first responders can come to aid, how quickly imminent danger can be broadcast to warn people, and how rapidly individuals can help one another in times of distress. These are all extraordinary upsides to how technology is positively changing the face of humanity. Not only do we use these technological tools to advance humanitarian aid and relief efforts, additionally these devices are used to inform society about tragic events that would not otherwise be known. We also use them to share joyful moments that can inspire and motivate. But just like any powerful tool, digital gadgets must be used for the right reasons. Are you doing your part?

Rediscover the amazing power of compassion by sharing it equally in both your "virtual" reality and your real-time reality. Your community desperately needs active voices and participants who are willing to not just idly stand by to videostream a horrific event, but to reach out for help to make a difference. When not using your personal device for communicating with friends and family, use it to better civilization. If you think it is hysterical to watch individuals get harmed or maimed, or if you think by commenting on a live stream of tragic events makes you a hero, then you have become apathetic to the real world around you. Compassion is that last shred of decency and humanity that makes you human. It is compassion that separates you from wild animals. When you lose it to your digital devices, you are no different. Live life to the fullest and enjoy your fun gadgets; but along the way, do not forget your humanity.

Joan Marie Ambrose -- Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Tuesday, November 5, 2013