Lifting the veil

When we are willing to lift the veil of illusion about our purpose while on earth, we will be more fully prepared to see and hear the truth of our existence.

For it is foolish of us to think that we exist for no reason and that when we die, it is all over. However, if we can see value in our existence by lifting the veil of illusion, we will indeed be able to produce change that will be meaningful for ourselves and for others. How do we accomplish that noble goal you might ask?

The answer lies in the flame that burns within each one of us. Some of us have a flame that is weak and working hard to stay lit while others have a flame that is strong, filled with brilliant energy and emits a light that is vibrant. To live a successful life requires you to have a burning desire - a passion to achieve, accomplish and to experience all that brings you joy and inner peace. Your burning desire enriches your life and enables you to manifest your vision.

If an individual or nation has no clear vision, how do they expect to accomplish their desired goal and experience success? That is the same with us individually. To get started, you must begin to place a value on those character traits that will help you create those steps towards seeing clearly your vision. As you begin to lay out your values, you will begin to feel your flame within become stronger and brighter. Some values that will allow you to re-claim your burning desire and manifest your vision are honesty, sincerity, hopefulness, commitment to improved learning and its skills and self-discipline. There I just helped you with five values or principles that when examined, discussed and understood can and will help you lift the veil of illusion in your life and strengthen your flame, your burning desire.

When an individual is willing to lift the veil, life changes and your connection and experiences improve as your energy shifts. Life is a process. It is up to each one of us to respect the process, be willing to enjoy

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the process and start to appreciate life at its fullest. Magic happens when we have the ability to see clearly instead of through the shadows of the veil.

Joan Marie Ambrose

Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Wednesday, August 29, 2012