Life is what we make of it!

I just read an inspiring story about a young man who came from Ghana to the United States to experience opportunities that were not open to him in his own country. Ziggy Ansah met some young missionaries in his country and shared his passion for basketball. Being tall, muscular and enthusiastic, he maintained a relationship with them and in time he was invited to apply to Brigham Young University to follow his dream. He was accepted at the University with a scholarship. He worked diligently in school and at many small jobs to pay his way. He tried out for the basketball team but was soon dropped out of the program. He started to gain an interest in other sports like the track team where he excelled, when one day he was persuaded to try out for the football team. Knowing nothing about the sport was challenging but he applied himself and soon became noticed. Many observed his potentiality and soon after college he became a draft pick for the NFL [the National Football League in the USA comprised of 32 teams divided equally between the conference.]

Not a bad story for someone who prior to this experience knew nothing about the game. It was because of his strong determination to excel that his life has changed. He evolved from one world to another in a continually progressive upward fashion. How far he will go is anyone's guess but the point here is that he applied himself reached beyond his comfort zone and took a chance on life.How many people do you know that are willing to do the same? The statement, "life is what you make it", is so true. Have you forged your own path in life or are you holding yourself back because of your attitude, behavior and restricted beliefs?

I was just speaking to a young man, who lost his job last month. He was warned that the position was being eliminated so he was able to prepare himself and his family but I don't think anyone is ever prepared for something like a loss of employment. He is still searching in all the obvious places but I do not think he has moved out of his comfort zone and applied his creative talents to look into other areas. I will never say that it is easy to walk forward with your head held high when you have no idea where you are walking, but your willingness to keep walking is necessary if you want to accomplish what you are seeking or what is actually seeking you. We are the ones who shape our own lives, not our parents or friends. They can certainly encourage us and guide our journey but we have to take the positive action and become forward in our thinking in order to activate the power of success.

There is no question that we cannot control all the situations that we are faced with; it is how you respond that separates you from those who refuse to stretch themselves and become creative and those who know that the power is within their minds, bodies and spirits. We all make choices everyday isn'tit time to think twice about what you are choosing for you so that you will be better prepared to realize good experiences.

Remember, God never gives us something that we cannot handle. So from a spiritual point of view, you already have all that you need within you to resolve your life's situations. Slow down your mind, spend time in quiet and listen to the clues that are being presented to you.

Joan Marie Ambrose

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Blog Date: 
Monday, April 22, 2013