Life is a journey not a final destination

We have all heard those words before –“Life is a journey not a destination” but as I heard someone speak them again today, I realized that they finally sunk into the recesses of my mind and I found myself saying:  “Yes—that is true!”.  Yet too often, I have discovered that most of us tend to perceive life as our final destination and by doing that, we lose the excitement and the joy of the process.  If I choose to reach my highest potentiality and manifest all that I desire in this lifetime, I am the one who needs to improve my attitude, behavior and surround myself in the right environment

The moment I realized that it is not about the end point but the journey, I began to have a different attitude about life. It is in the process that we maneuver in each day that we learn how to take advantage of certain opportunities. We are all continually journeying daily and it is our responsibility to stay alert, awake and focused on all that we want to manifest for our life.  And in the process of learning and growing—of seeking and finding, we move closer and closer towards reaching our highest potential.

I, for one, need to remember those words daily because I now realize that it is not unusual to crave or desire to experience all that we have dreamt about but while we are working towards our end goals, we would be better served if we could and would slow down and enjoy the process. For me it means that I need to relax more, smile more and definitely lighten up instead of taking everything so seriously.

I do not always understand the process but that is not the point.  Our Creator, God, or whatever we call him/her/it, has a plan for each one of us and works to inspire us to seek and walk on the pathway that was designed for us personally.  It is not for me to know the how or the why of the process.  My task and journey is to keep my sights on the process while I enjoy it.  I have learned that when I pay closer attention to the process, I am actually getting closer to reaching my highest potential.

I would like to enjoy my process more and I would like to relax more as I am experiencing the process yet as I think deeply about this, I realize that part of my journey is to simply trust the process as it is unfolding right in front of me.  That point, I believe, is the most difficult. 

I do trust God and the Universal Flow but [and there goes my ‘But’ word] nonetheless, I am always interjecting and trying to see the end result even before it happens?  Does that make any sense to you?  I have come to realize that in my limited abilities, as a human, I have placed limitations on my beliefs and because of my limitations, I have sabotaged my outcome.  Wow—so how do I stop that cycle you might ask so I can manifest for my livesFirst, I need to be continually vigilant and conscious of my thoughts.  Second, I have discovered that meditation helps me to stay focused and grounded and Third, I need to keep walking.  By that I mean, do whatever is necessary to accomplish the end goal.  I certainly do not know the how or when but I do know that if I do not do something, nothing will happen. 

I do not propose to claim that I have all the right answers, but as I continually experience life and move forward on my journey, I do understand that I am continually getting new creative ideas that have allowed me to use my imagination and inventiveness, which in turn opens the door to more possibilities.  We really do not know where our journey is going to take us but part of the fun is in the journey, the process so to speak.

Therefore, as I close, I offer a suggestion to you--start enjoying the journey; for after all, in truth, that is all we are able to do!


Joan Marie Ambrose -- Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Tuesday, April 17, 2018