The life cycle of the salmon resonates with that of the humans

I recently watched a documentary about the life cycle of the salmon and it caused me to think how nature has a way of repeating itself and actually mirroring other aspects of itself all at the same time. As I was watching the show, I began to observe how the salmon could teach us humans many life lessons about perseverance, determination, and the various aspects of struggle. For in their journey from fresh water to open seas and back, they are continually fighting against obstacles for their survival yet they still find their way through the channel of life where they desperately struggle against time to lay their eggs so that their species survives and their task complete. I found that to be an interesting and at the same time intriguing thought and certainly not much different from our own experiences.

Man, too, since the beginning of time has struggled to fight the odds so that he and his fellow man could not only survive but also prosper and enjoy better times. There are many challenges along the way that the salmon fight against yet they never give up but rather seek creative ways to push onward as they regroup and begin again to beat the odds. Sometimes they win against the enemy, whether it is the bear, the birds or nature that is often unpredictable yet they keep their focus towards their end goal.

During this documentary, I saw how erupting volcano's or changing channels of water that have dried up set them back yet whenone way was blocked another opened and surprisingly a new source appeared a miracle happened and then a turn in the road led to a new clue or opportunity and even a new beginning. Yes, I saw how it could manifest for the salmon and it inspired me to fantasize and believe that that chain of events actually mirrors the life of us humans. We often fall into the crack in the walls of life and believe if only for one short second that if we can find a glimmer of light, we, too, will find the courage to survive and push forward. Sometimes we give up and wither and die yet I have seen how most of the time, we humans are survivors who refuse to give up.

The movie proved that the life of a salmon is difficult at best with all of it challenges, preys laying in wait and nature at its worst yet in the end, many beat the odds and reach their final destination so that the cycle can begin anew. Somehow I believe that one small piece of life, of existence represents the whole of life and existence. For we all experience difficult times that are often challenging, that cause us to feel desperate and completely hopeless when all of a sudden a miracle appears and the light peers through sufficiently to give us hope and the confidence to continue.

The message received is we are not alone and that there is a force of God, of nature that opens up and shows us the way if and when we are open to follow the clues. Like the salmon, man is creative and resilient. We can keep going we can continue to seek and find even though we know that there is no guarantee that we will in the end survive. The only thing that we can be sure about is that at the end we each leave a legacy that will be our gift to those who follow. We nurture them with our stories, our roots and our cultures. Some of us don't make it or unfortunately fall short of our goals yet--- once again we continue to push forward in the hopes that even one small achievement will be sufficient for us to allow the next generation to take notice push forward and do what we did teach a lesson about life that others might not only follow but learn from.

You see at the end of the day we are simply ordinary people who have the ability to do extraordinary things by the mere fact of simply being on earth. I hope that gives you some food for thought.

Joan Marie Ambrose

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Thursday, January 24, 2013