Let it be

I understand that even in the best conditions, awful things happen. A loss of a loved one, unemployment, disease or accidents, among other disparities, can and will happen during our lifetimes. In fact, one or more of these events are almost guaranteed. We are, after all, mere mortals. The truth is that we are all born with our own expiration dates. Life is a priceless gift that should never be taken for granted yet on the other hand, it shouldn't be lived through anxiety and stress. Yes, there will be times when you are sad, lonely or angry. But you must get your feelings in check. This means that you cannot allow yourself to dwell on past hurts.

Life goes on - with or without you. How are you living it? Work, friends, family, chores, running a household or making it to class on time can in itself be quite chaotic. Then when you throw in auto repairs, illness, unexpected costs, or tragic events, you find yourself pining to get off the frightening roller coaster that has become your life. It is in these moments when you need a personal time out to just sit back and let it be. Yes, just like the song, "There will be an answer, let it be."

When faced with calamity or feelings of overwhelm, It would be a good idea to take a step back and become the observer of the situation not the participant. In other words, take time for yourself to allow external events happen around you and not to you. Remember, you only have one precious life and if you are spending all your energy on negative emotions like fear, worry, sorrow and anger, you will have the weight of the world upon your shoulders. Once you begin carrying that burden around, it becomes too heavy for even the strongest person to endure.

Learning to live a joy-filled life takes patience and plenty of practice. This practice comes with the understanding that the Universe and God are not intentionally out to get you. Also know that you have absolute control of your emotions and reactions. Once you gain this awareness, the better chances you have to sustain a happy and fulfilling life. You achieve this attitude by taking a few minutes each day to clear the clutter from your mind, breathe in deeply and then re-evaluate the situation. Do not judge the whys, the who's or the how's. Just allow whatever it is to be. When you have a clutter-free mind, you have the clarity you need for the answer to come to you. With practice, you can move through life with ease knowing that you can't control all situations but you can control your emotions; It does take practice but ���yes', it is that simple.

Succumb or overcome

Your mind is a powerful tool. Given the right application, it can benefit you in remarkable ways. For example, you can exercise, meditate, pray, visualize or simply experience a favorite pastime or hobby. Any one or combination of these mind-cleansing methods can help relax you and allow you to be open to new ideas and ways to contend with the matter at hand. When you let it be, everything becomes crystal clear.

Joan Marie Ambrose

Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Monday, August 19, 2013